Sponsored Story brought to you by All Season Windows. A more diverse workforce is pushing the energy industry forward.

All Season Window: A Leader in Diversity and Energy Efficiency Not only is it important to Jeffrey Sterling, of All Season Windows, to promote diversity in his business, but to be involved in energy efficiency.

Sterling's family founded All Season Windows 17 years ago and he believes that BIPOC-owned businesses and a more diverse workforce are pushing the energy industry forward and making an impact. "Given there have already been so many minorities working in the field, a lot of people have seen the impacts of global warming and climate change in their home countries. There is a natural belief in many cultures like mine to take care of the environment, which makes it about more than just running a company to make money and put food on the table for our employees, it's also about putting your energy towards something that is making an impact on things we care about," Sterling says.

Sterling also feels that his customers and the communities his company serves benefit from greater diversity in the workforce. He explains, "It is a scientific fact that diversity is good in the environment, so it makes sense that diversity would be good in the business world as well. By bringing different ideas and practices to the table, customers get to choose from more than just a handful of companies that all do things similar to each other. I believe we have a high-quality standard as well as a more personal approach to the work we do, and I think people appreciate that."

Sterling is proud to be helping his community and those communities that want more sustainable ways of living. "Being able to personally work close with those who also have a shared sense of wanting to help create a more sustainable way of living for all has greatly continued to encourage me to continue to find more energy efficient ways within the industry but work to help bring in those who want to work to create a better way of life for all."

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