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Just because we are "seasoned perfectly" doesn't mean we can't set goals. Living with intention can create a sense of accomplishment and improve your life, at any age. At Beaverton Lodge, our dedicated staff is ready to help you succeed in keeping your resolutions. (Covid permitting)

Exercise - Aging ain't for sissies and for many of us seniors, we must work to keep our mobility. We offer numerous exercise classes like yoga and stretching, gardens for walking, a saline pool for swimming and water aerobics. Just show up!

Nutrition – Eating healthy isn't difficult when you have help in the kitchen. Our chef's meals always feature freshly made foods like organic salads and vegetables, soups, lean meats, and even wild seasonal seafood. If you have dietary restrictions, our kitchen will work with you, too. No more food from a fast-food window.

Family time – Spending more time with family is a great resolution for anyone. At Beaverton Lodge, we make it easy by providing areas to sit and have coffee and conversation, meals together, a living room to play cards, a library to talk and of course residents' apartments.

Fun – Woohoo! We've got you covered here! Our activities calendar is tailored to what our residents want. Join in on an art class or happy hour. Craving music? We have a sing-along and music hour. Fancy a book club? We've got one or a discussion group to learn about each other. Competitive? We've got bingo and Jeopardy, and brain booster competitions.

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