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Feeling the pinch of inflation? Seems it's everywhere from gasoline to milk, car rentals to toilet paper. For seniors living on a fixed income, even the slightest inflation can be concerning. But there are ways to help keep your pennies in your pocket.


First, consider a senior community living and downsizing. At Beaverton Lodge, we keep our costs low by utilizing services for everyone. It's more like an all-inclusive cruise – dining, exercising, entertainment, art shows, clubs, socials, games, and movie nights. No need for haggling with your cable or utility company, we do that for our whole community. By streamlining your living expenses, you save money.


For those who drive, keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer's recommended air pressure and make sure your engine oil is clean. These two maintenance practices keep your car running smoothly, without any additional strain which can increase gas usage. Plan outings strategically to cut down on needless miles.


Ask your pharmacist if a generic brand is as effective as a name brand and always ask for a senior discount. Even Amazon honors your age, and most stores have discounts for seniors, even special days. If you plan on traveling, consider going off-season.


It's easy to feel overwhelmed with today's inflation, but a few easy steps can put you in control. Ask for a senior discount! You've earned it and retailers value your years of loyalty. Call Beaverton Lodge today and let us show you how you can enjoy independent living while saving money.

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