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Use it or lose it!

Isn't it amazing to watch kids play, jump, run and even fall? As seniors, we are careful not to fall and honestly, when was the last time you jumped?

According to America's Health Rankings, physical activity reduces cardiovascular disease, cancer and cancer mortality, obesity and the development of diabetes, and even premature death. Furthermore, around 10% of deaths among adults ages 40-69 and 7.8% of deaths among adults ages 70 and older were attributed to physical inactivity.

In short, physical activity will make you healthier AND make you feel better with a better range of motion, increased stability, more energy, and those endorphins will kick in giving you a mild euphoric feeling. One complaint we hear from seniors is frustration from their lack of stability. Because if it, they become reluctant to stay active. But when you move more often, your stability increases and the chances of a fall decrease!

At Beaverton Lodge, we want your golden years filled with health and happiness. We offer multiple exercise classes, a saline pool, and a walking trail amidst our lush grounds. Many of our residents have forged friendships through these activities and having workout buddies helps keep them motivated. In retirement, you can finally take the time to focus on yourself, your health, and your future. Today's physical activity is an investment in your future health and wellbeing. Even a simple walk will increase your oxygen intake and lower your blood pressure.

Call Beaverton Lodge today and let us show you how to move again!

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