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Over the long run, you can save money by investing in your biggest asset - your home.

Invest in your home.You probably cringe with the terminology lately: supply chain shortages, inflation, gas prices, inflation, inflation, inflation… It's hurting right in the pocketbook but there is a way to save money with your home.

If you are thinking of giving your home a makeover, consider new siding AND new windows at the same time. One project (instead of two) can save you money and give your home energy-saving and resale value. Replacing both windows and siding allows your contractor to precisely set the caping around the window before they put the siding in place. Caping is important because it directs water away from the frame and the interior of your walls. Moisture can wreak havoc with our homes — we want it for washing and flushing, but not on our walls or creeping into spaces that can create mold.

Moreover, if you replace the siding first, to install your new windows, the new siding will need to be cut to put a moisture barrier in place. Not ideal and it could add to the cost of your window installation. Plus, if you have new windows first, they will need to be capped. When you install siding later, those same windows will need to be recapped - essentially paying twice for capping.

At All Season Windows, we understand that redoing both your siding and all the windows in your home is a financial investment. But over the long run, you will be saving money and investing in your biggest investment — your home. We are here to help by offering promotions; and, as an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally, we can help you access cash incentives to make it easier to improve your home's energy efficiency. Give us a call today and let us show you the benefits of new siding and windows.

For more information or a free online quote, visit:

All Season Windows Siding Roofing

707 N.E. Broadway

Portland, OR 97232


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