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Migraine headaches are common and are often a cause of missed work and disability. Migraines are considered to be both neuroinflammatory and neurovascular, meaning that there is a complex pathology that creates the migraine condition. There are numerous theories about what causes the pain including hormones, stress, certain foods. Treatments for migraine have traditionally focused on treating the acute pain and symptoms. Only recently has the focus changed into prevention of the migraine.

One more interesting cause of migraine that is currently being investigated is histamine. Histamine is a common compound in our body that is released by cells in response to injury and in allergic and inflammatory reactions, causing contraction of smooth muscle and dilation of capillaries. Histamine works with nerves to produce itching. In food allergies it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. And it constricts muscles in the lungs, making it harder to breathe. This does not include the neurological responses to histamine. Many patients with migraine have been shown to have excess histamine in their systems that may contribute to their headaches.

The good news is that if histamine is causing your headaches that can be treated, not with antihistamines which have never been shown to benefit headache symptoms, but with diet and other nutritional supplements. There are more options now than ever before to address the cause of your headaches and better techniques to prevent and treat the migraine.

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