What is special and unique about your school?

“We have the Mac Attack food drive where students bring Mac and Cheese for the Sunshine Division. It’s important so people can eat. This makes me feel good because I don’t think other schools have this.”

Joyce Nguyen, second grade

“I like movie night because you and your friends come in pajamas. And when there is a break, you can get snacks. What’s neat is that we don’t know what movie we’re going to watch, so it’s a surprise to us.”

Mehneka Bhaskar, second grade

Gian ToledoIsaac DryfuseJackson Park

Joyce NguyenMehneka BhaskarSahana Srinivasan

“We have a good Cub Scouts program here. This is my first year in it. We have fun and do a lot of activities like archery, shoot BB guns, and go hiking and other outdoor activities.”

Jackson Park, second grade

“We have the Invention Convention. It’s when students at our school create an invention. I look forward to participating in it when I get older.”

Isaac Dryfuse, second grade

“I like that our school has a project they do for each grade. Our class is paired up with Maryville care facility. The second-graders have done things over there like sing for the residents at Christmas and have ice cream with them — that was yummy!”

— Gian Toledo, second grade

“We have Free Dress for $1 Day. That’s when we get to where what we want to wear for $1. The money is donated to a community service that helps people in need. “

— Sahana Srinivasan, second grade

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