Portland Community College's dental clinic plans to serve about 2,000 patients per year.

Portland Community College is one of the education institutions joining forces for a new 200,000-square-foot building at Southwest Fourth Avenue and Montgomery Street in downtown Portland.

One of the bureaus of the City of Portland also will be housed in the new facility.

That bureau, which remains undecided, will share the $100 million facility with PCC's dental program, Oregon Health & Science University/Portland State University School of Public Health, and PSU's Graduate School of Education, in a collaborative effort to address space issues for the entities.

The graduate school has been located in a temporary location since the university's school of business started a renovation and expansion project two years ago, and the city has experienced a shortage of space for city staff.

The City of Portland has committed up to $15 million for the project, while PSU and others involved will ask the Oregon Legislature to approve $51 million in bonds.

According to Ken Ma, PSU spokesman, it's a "high priority" on the Legislature's approval list.

The land, a parking lot currently owned by the Portland Development Commission, will be purchased by PSU. Portland Maps lists the land with a market value of $6.4 million. Design will start in July, with construction in 2018.

The education and health facility is expected to open by September 2020.

Portland Community College's dental clinic plans to serve about 2,000 patients per year.

"This is something we've wanted to do for a long time ... it's been finding the collaboration and finding the funding," Ma said.

The city will take up two floors of what will be a seven- or nine-story building, depending on cost and need as planning progresses.

PSU's Graduate School of Education will offer a low-cost counseling clinic and mental health services that also serve as training for school counselors.

"It's just a huge impact, because all three institutions have a major stake, both with health services for the community as well as health programs for the students," Ma said.

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