Greenway residents halted from using water after water main is damaged on Monday, samples come back clear of contamination.

CITY OF BEAVERTON - A water main was damaged and some residents were without water. Residents of nine homes in the area of Southwest Pinto Court in Greenway were told that a waterline was damaged during preparation for street work on Monday.

A contractor working for the city accidently caused a main break on the end of a 4-inch waterline. During the incident and prior to repair, the waterline lost water pressure, causing the potential for bacterial contamination to enter the broken waterline. After samples were tested, it was confirmed that the water was not contaminated, but as a precaution residents were asked to be sure to follow appropriate safety protocol.

The city issued a boil-water notice for the residents, according to Public Works Director David Donaldson.

Beaverton turned off water meters to the nine residential homes and crews repaired the waterline break beginning at about 10 a.m. and finishing at about 4:30 p.m. on Monday. City water crews flushed out the waterline to remove all existing water in the waterline and fill it with fresh drinking water. The waterline was filled with highly-chlorinated water to disinfect the main, to kill bacteria or organisms that may be harmful to humans.

Next, the city's public waterline and private plumbing in the nine homes — at the city's expense — were flushed to remove the highly-chlorinated water and then refilled with fresh drinking water.

Water in the waterline and homes was sampled and sent to a certified laboratory to be analyzed to ensure it met state and federal safe drinking water standards. Results from those samples were available Tuesday morning when the boil-water notice was lifted.

The city offered affected residents hotel rooms during the repair and investigation of the incident. One resident accepted the offer and stayed in a hotel until the water was deemed safe on Tuesday, Donaldson said.

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