Put your seatbelts on -- law enforcement agencies will be cracking down on those who don't follow the seatbelt laws.

LAW ENFORCEMENT - A seatbelt sting is underway. Officers from the Beaverton Police Department and other law enforcement agencies throughout Oregon will be working a Click-it or Ticket Seatbelt enforcement campaign. This campaign will began Monday, May 15 and continues through Sunday, May 28.  The focus of this campaign is seatbelt use and minors riding in an open pickup bed. Officers will still be looking for motorists violating the hands-free cellphone law and speeders. The goal of this campaign is to reduce traffic injuries and deaths by increased education and enforcement.  Roadside observations of seatbelt use among Oregon travelers in 2016 revealed 96 percent of travelers use safety belts. But despite this high use rate among the general population, Oregon crash data for 2015 shows a lack of belt use in 27 percent of daytime and 50 percent of night time crashes. The Oregon Department of Transportation estimates that at least half of those who died unbelted or 67 people could have been saved if everyone used safety belts on every trip.  Safety belts, used correctly, can reduce the risk of major crash injury or death by up to 65 percent. Belts are even more effective when used in combination with airbag systems and other not-so-obvious occupant protection features designed into today's vehicles.  Child seats may increase crash survival by 71 percent for infants younger than 1-year-old and by up to 59 percent for toddlers age 1 to 4. Booster seats may reduce the chance of nonfatal injury among four to 8 year olds by 45 percent compared to safety belts used alone.  The Beaverton Police Department will continue to strive to keep our citizens safe, reminding people that car seats, seatbelts and following the posted speed limit are effective ways to protect family. Our enforcement efforts will be ongoing as we work with the community to save lives.  Click it or Ticket campaigns are funded through grants received from the Oregon Department of Transportation. 

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