Health expert provides advice about the risks of heat-related illness during high temperatures.

Be prepared for potential record heat in the Beaverton CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Predicted record heat this week. area. An expert from Providence Medical Group, Gillian Rosicky, family nurse practitioner, said to take the following precautions in the heat:

• Avoid strenuous exercise. Active people should do so early in the morning.

• Hydrate regularly, before feeling thirsty. Children and older adults should have fluids on-hand.

• Avoid caffeine and alcohol, both can increase risk of dehydration and heat illness.

• Wear loose clothing.

• Misting fluids can be helpful to cool bare skin.

People at highest risk of heat-related illness are:

• Older adults, especially if other health conditions are present such as heart disease, high blood pressure, limited mobility and poor physical fitness.

• Young children, especially if they are not able to get themselves out of hot conditions such as car seats and hot rooms. Children have more surface area, and absorb heat faster.

• Active teens and adults who are competing or exercising in hot conditions. Activity should be restricted if the temperature is 95 degrees or more.

• People using certain medications, including, but not limited to: stimulants, seizure medications, certain blood pressure medications such as water pills and beta blockers.

Providence immediate care and emergency departments expect to see people suffering with heat-related illnesses.

Signs of heat-related illnesses and dehydration include muscle cramps, headache, dizziness, rapid heart rate, weakness, dry mouth and not sweating anymore.

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