Beaverton now has three snow zones where traction devices or chains must be in a vehicle during inclement weather.

COURTESY WASHINGTON COUNTY - New Beaverton snow zones. Snow zones, areas where vehicles are required to have traction devices during inclement weather, have been implemented on portions of three roads in Washington County with steep grades and high elevations.

The snow zone areas are Southwest 175th Avenue between Scholls Ferry and Rigert roads; Southwest Barnes Road from 118th Avenue east to the county line, adjacent to a city of Portland snow zone; and Cornell from Cedar Hills Boulevard east to the county line.

Motorists traveling in snow zones during inclement weather will be required by law to have traction devices, such as studded tires, snow tires or tire chains, on or in vehicles. Traction devices can help reduce crashes in icy, snowy conditions. Snow zones have the potential to reduce the number of vehicles abandoned on shoulders and rights-of-way, which can also increase safety and allow for more efficient plowing and sanding.

The snow zones are marked with yellow signs. During winter months, the signs will read "carry chains or traction tires," when restrictions are in effect, the message will change to "chains required." Snow zone violations are a secondary offense, enforced when a driver has committed another offense, such as speeding, using a hand-held device or driving dangerously. A snow zone citation usually carries a fine of $160.

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By Mandy Feder-Sawyer
Reporter, Beaverton Valley Times
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