Aloha resident Michel Roper, 34, was using illegal drugs that cause mental illness, police say.

POLICE PHOTO - Michel Lee Roper is shown here in a previous booking photo released by WCSO.A 62-year-old Aloha man suffered serious injuries to his genitalia and an apparent loss of vision after a "violent" attack allegedly committed by his live-in caretaker, police say.

Police say Michel Lee Roper, 34, had recently been using illegal drugs that cause her to act like a schizophrenic when she attacked her male roommate using her hands and fingernails.

"He is looking at possible permanent loss of the use of both eyes," Det. Robert Rookhuyzen told The Times. "He suffered the loss of a testicle and a damaged scrotum."

"He is expected to survive," the spokesman added, "but he's got a long path to walk after this."

Washington County Sheriff's deputies rushed to the apartment located at 2800 Southwest 185th Avenue in Aloha after an assault was reported around 8:47 a.m. on Friday, May 11, according to a news release.

Police found the man inside his room in the two-bedroom apartment, and immediately transported him to an ambulance that carried him to a local hospital.

At the same time, Roper began to barricade herself inside her own bedroom using furniture — prompting a five-hour standoff that ended with her in custody.

A spokesman says Roper stopped communicating with officers from the Crisis Negotiation Unit, who couldn't see what she was doing or whether she had a weapon. Police say she wasn't harmed when they breached the apartment around 2:30 p.m. and arrested her.

Police haven't determined whether she used any other weapon during the alleged attack.

Roper — who has also lived in Hillsboro and Beaverton, according to court records — currently faces a second-degree assault charge stemming from the incident. A Washington County grand jury may add more charges after reviewing the case in the coming days.

"I do anticipate additional charges," noted Det. Rookhuyzen.

Rookhuyzen says Roper had cared for the elderly man for about seven to 10 years, but was kicked out in October, 2016 after she started using drugs and scratched him on the face.

Court records show Roper was convicted of fourth-degree assault in April, 2017. A court-appointed lawyer wrote that Roper appeared "completely psychotic" and exhibited signs of paranoia when he met with her regarding a charge of possession of methamphetamine.

"She spoke at length about how her home is under surveillance by law enforcement, there are secret tunnels under the house, and the belief that the police are imposters," wrote attorney Cameron Taylor. "Overall, she seemed detached from reality."

Det. Rookhuyzen said Roper had only returned to the Aloha man's residence several weeks ago after she successfully asked for forgiveness. She is currently lodged at Washington County Jail. POLICE PHOTO - Washington County Sheriff's deputies responded to 2800 Southwest 185th Avenue in Aloha on Friday, May 11.

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