Structure will connect with the proposed Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, which will occupy some rehearsal space on the ground floor. Construction start is envisioned in late summer 2019 and completion in fall 2020.

SCHEMATIC COURTESY BEAVERTON URBAN REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY - The seven-story parking garage proposed by the Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency next to the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, at right. Both are scheduled to start construction in summer 2019.Plans are moving forward for a seven-story, 350-space public parking garage next to the proposed Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton.

The garage is sponsored by the Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency, which expects to break ground on it in late summer 2019 — at the same time the arts center is scheduled to be underway — and complete it by fall 2020, a few months ahead of the arts center.

"They are intertwined projects," said Cadence Petros, Beaverton Development Division manager.

The garage will be at the northeast corner of Southwest Rose Biggi Avenue, where the access is, and Crescent Street. Land use approvals are pending.

The ground floor of the garage will consist of 2,200 square feet of rehearsal space for the arts center and 5,600 square feet of retail space fronting Rose Biggi Avenue.

The garage will have two elevators — the existing parking structure south of The Round has just one elevator — and there will be charging stations for electric cars.

The top floor will have photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into power.

The total project is $23 million, $18.6 million of which is budgeted for construction. "We are on budget," Petros said.

Parking will be for patrons of the arts center, customers of nearby businesses, and residents of The Rise Central, a 230-unit housing development. Their fees will repay the costs of the garage.

TIMES PHOTO: PETER WONG - Development Division Manager Cadence Petros updates the Beaverton Urban Redevelopment Agency board about the proposed seven-story parking garage in central Beaverton at its July 24 meeting. The board consists of three public members, the mayor and the City Council.With the July 17 announcement of Chairwoman Patricia Reser as the center's major donor, the Beaverton Arts Foundation says it is preparing an intensive one-year campaign to raise the remaining $9.6 million of its $46 million fundraising target.

Councilor Mark Fagin, a member of the urban redevelopment board, asked what would happen if the arts center failed to meet its fundraising goal on time.

Petros said it's possible the garage could be separated, "but we wouldn't likely want to do that, because it's the same contractor who is doing both projects."

Redevelopment Board Chairman Jim McCreight, who's also vice chairman of the Beaverton Arts Foundation, said he is satisfied that the fundraising timetable is realistic and that both projects will get underway at the same time.

The redevelopment agency has just hired a parking manager, Molly Rabinovitz, to deal with a variety of issues arising from the proposed garage and other central area parking.

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