Ballots will reach mailboxes in late October; Tigard and Tualatin voters have the most choices to make.

Ballots won't be in the mail for another month, but east Washington County voters can start taking a look at the array of candidates and measures in the Nov. 6 general election.

Tigard and Tualatin residents will have the longest lists to study.

In Tigard, four candidates — including two sitting councilors and a former councilor — are running to succeed Mayor John Cook, who is not seeking a second term.

Six candidates are running for two open seats on the council.

In Tualatin, two sitting councilors are running to succeed Mayor Lou Ogden, who is leaving after 24 years and is barred by term limits from running again.

Four candidates are running for three council seats, but only one seat has a contest.

Voters in the Tigard-Tualatin School District will decide on a five-year renewal of a local-option levy that pays for teachers.

Beaverton, King City and Sherwood also have candidates on the ballot, but no contests for municipal offices.

All area voters will help decide whether Kathryn Harrington of Beaverton or Bob Terry of Hillsboro is the next chair of the Washington County Board of Commissioners. That's a countywide race.

They also will decide who represents District 1 in the U.S. House, a district that includes all of Washington County.

Area voters within Metro boundaries will help decide the fate of a $652.8 million bond intended to pay for lower-cost housing.

All those candidates and measures are in addition to races for two Oregon Senate seats and seven Oregon House seats — one senator has no opponents — plus governor and five statewide ballot measures.

Ballots are scheduled to go in the mail between Oct. 17 and 22.

Voters in small areas of the county within the Portland city limits will cast ballots on two city measures and the commissioner race between Loretta Smith and Jo Ann Hardesty.

The deadline for first-time voter registration is Oct. 16, although voters already registered in Oregon can update their records after then. Postcard registrations must be postmarked by Oct. 16; online registrations must be completed by 11:59 p.m. that day.

Here's a list of regional candidates and measures, excluding governor and the five statewide measures:


(All of Washington County; two years)

Candidates: Suzanne Bonamici of Beaverton, incumbent, Democratic and Independent parties, seeking fourth full term; John Verbeek of Portland, Republican; Drew Layda of Portland, Libertarian and Pacific Green parties.


(Nonpartisan; four years)

Candidates: Kathryn Harrington of Beaverton, Metro councilor; Bob Terry of Hillsboro, county commissioner. Incumbent Andy Duyck is not seeking re-election.


Measure 26-199: $652.8 million bond, estimate 24 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, for lower-cost housing.

District 2 (small part of Washington County; nonpartisan; four years): Joe Buck, a Lake Oswego city councilor, and Christine Lewis of West Linn, legislative director for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. The appointed incumbent, Betty Dominguez, finished third in the May 15 primary.


Measure 34-285: Local-option levy, estimate $1 per $1,000 of assessed value, renews existing levy for five years starting when current levy expires in 2020-21. Current levy dates to 2014.


(Four-year terms; nonpartisan)

City Council (three seats): Lacey Beaty, incumbent, Position 1; Laura Mitchell, Position 2; Marc San Soucie, incumbent, Position 5. All three candidates won majorities in the May 15 primary.


(Four-year terms; nonpartisan)

Mayor: Marland Henderson, former councilor; Linda Monahan; Jason Snider, councilor; Marc Woodard, councilor. Incumbent John Cook is not seeking re-election.

City Council (two seats): Bill Banash; John Goodhouse, incumbent; Bret Lieuallen; Jenny McCabe; A. Miranda; Liz Newton. Incumbent Marc Woodard is running for mayor.

(The new council will appoint someone to succeed Snider, whose resignation takes effect Dec. 27.)


(Four-year terms; nonpartisan)

Mayor: Frank Bubenik, Paul Morrison, both councilors. Incumbent Lou Ogden is barred by term limits from seeking re-election.

City Council (three seats): Maria Reyes, Position 1; Bridget Brooks, Position 3; Nancy Grimes, incumbent, and Chris Burchill, Position 5.


(Four-year terms; nonpartisan)

Mayor: Keith Mays, incumbent.

City Council (three seats): Russell Griffin and Tim Rosener, incumbents; Doug Scott.


(Four-year terms; nonpartisan)

City Council (four seats): David Platt, Position 1; Ken Gibson, incumbent, Position 2; Micah Paulsen, Position 4; Jaimie Fender, incumbent, Position 5.


(Four-year terms)

District 17: Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, Democratic incumbent, also Republican and Independent parties, seeking second full term to seat she was appointed to in January 2012.

District 19 (including Tualatin): Rob Wagner of Lake Oswego, appointed Democratic incumbent, also Working Families nominee; David Poulson of Lake Oswego, Republican and Independent parties.

Districts 14 and 18 are not up for election this year.


(Two-year terms)

District 26: Richard Vial of Scholls, Republican incumbent, also Independent Party nominee, seeking second term; Courtney Neron of Wilsonville, Democrat; Tim Nelson of Wilsonville, Libertarian.

District 27: Sheri Malstrom of Beaverton, Democratic incumbent, also Working Families nominee, seeking second term; Brian Pierson of Beaverton, Republican and Independent parties; Katy Brumbelow of Beaverton, Libertarian.

District 28: Jeff Barker of Aloha, Democratic incumbent, also Republican and Independent parties, seeking ninth term; Lars Hedbor of Beaverton, Libertarian.

District 33: Mitch Greenlick of Portland, Democratic incumbent, also Independent Party nominee, seeking ninth term; Elizabeth Reye of Portland, Republican and Libertarian parties.

District 34: Ken Helm of Beaverton, Democratic incumbent, also Independent Party nominee, seeking third term; Michael Ngo of Beaverton, Republican; Joshua Johnston of Portland, Libertarian.

District 35: Margaret Doherty of Tigard, Democratic incumbent, also Working Families nominee, seeking fifth term; Bob Niemeyer of Tigard, Republican and Independent parties.

District 37 (includes Tualatin): Julie Parrish of West Linn, Republican incumbent, also Independent Party nominee, seeking fifth term; Rachel Prusak of West Linn, Democratic and Working Families nominee.


(Four-year terms; nonpartisan; all seats elected districtwide)

Five seats: Thomas Dierickx, Zone 3; John McDonald, Zone 4; Loren Behrman, Zone 4; Matt Pihl, Zone 5; Anna Jesse, at-large seat 2.

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