The following incidents were reported to Tigard Police. Police logs for Beaverton and Tualatin were not available as of press time.


Over the last week, Tigard police responded to the following incidents: Assaults – 5, Driving While Suspended – 1, Thefts – 4, Hit and Run – 1 and Warrants – 2

Wednesday, Nov. 14

• A transient was reported sleeping next to the entrance of a business in the entrance of a business in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway.

• A shopper at a business in the 11500 block of Pacific Highway didn't like the fact a greeter asked her for a receipt on an item and threatened to come back and "cut her up."

• A resident reported damage to his mailbox in the 10200 block of Murdock Street where the box appeared to have been beaten, possibly by a baseball bat.

• A resident called to report a .22-caliber handgun had been taken from a gun safe in her vehicle.

• A vehicle window was reported smashed in to steal a bag placed on the front seat while a customer was parked at a business in the 9000 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A vehicle was reported stolen from a parking lot at Washington Square.

• A resident walking his dogs noticed a bunny tied up with a rope outside a home in the 13400 block of Hawks Beard Street and was worried the animal might get eaten by a coyote. The animal was taken inside.

Thursday, Nov. 15

• A transient with no shoes on was reported throwing garbage around a parking lot in the 12100 block of Scholls Ferry Road.

• Someone reported transients having cut into a fence in a natural area in the 13000 block of Hall Boulevard and camping. Although they've been doing it for years, the reporting party said a new individual there is causing problems.

• An individual with a duffel bag in his hand was reported inside a Washington Square Mall store. The reporting party told police the man had been arrested several weeks ago.

• A friendly pig was reported loose in a field near an elementary school in the 10300 block of Lincoln Street. When police arrived, the owner was already loading the animal (who lived only four blocks away) up.

• A resident called to report that a transient with a puppy was following him and trying to fight him near Bonita Road and 72nd Avenue.

• Someone called to report an angry man, who may be "tweaking," fighting invisible attackers sitting on a bench in the playground area at Canterbury Lane and 103rd Avenue.

• The manager of a store at Washington Square Mall reported a woman who was trying to exchange property with a credit card that was confirmed stolen out of Texas.

Friday, Nov. 16

• Police intervened in a fight involving individuals yelling at each other at Hall Boulevard and Durham Road. One individual was arrested and taken into custody based on an outstanding warrant.

• Multiple mailboxes were reported knocked over or damaged in the 14200 block of 112th Avenue.

• A resident called police after learning she had applied for a loan and was told to pay for a processing fee using a Google Pay Card. It was a scam.

• A cinder block was used to break a glass door connected to the Tigard High School cafeteria. After trying to break another glass door with a different object, the subject left the area.

• A resident reported buying a magazine subscription from two school-aged students last summer for a fundraiser but has never received the magazine.

• A vehicle in the 7700 block of Pfaffle Street was broken into several days ago with medical supplies removed.

• Medication was stolen from a locked vehicle parked in the 7600 block of Dartmouth Street.

• A man and woman were reported to have shoplifted a coffee machine and gaming monitor at a business in the 14300 block of Pacific Highway.

• A man was reported having stolen $600 worth of shoes at a store in the 16900 block of 72nd Avenue by taking them out of boxes and placing them in a bag he was carrying.

Saturday, Nov. 17

• Two cars in the 7300 block of Hermoso Way were reportedly broken into. A tool bag was left inside one of the vehicles and one of the vehicles was reported "trashed" with two large subwoofer speakers taken.

• A woman, who was trying to park her car in a space in the 10800 block of Canterbury Lane, couldn't do so because a young girl wouldn't move from the spot. After calling the child a "brat," the woman was later approached by the child's mom who threatened to "knock her teeth in" and advised she'd better "watch her car."

• An individual reported to police a man they are looking for was in her home taking a shower but when police arrived they couldn't find anyone and believe the caller was under the influence of something. She was warned about misusing the 911 system.

• Someone stole a hoverboard, backpacks and other items from a department store in the 9000 block of Hall Boulevard.

• A juvenile was taking into custody at a Washington County Square store, believe to have taken more than $500 worth of products.

• Four males came into a business in the 11600 block of Pacific Highway and threatened an employee with a gun although they never produced a weapon. The individuals had already been "trespassed" from the location.

• Two men reportedly stole a laptop computer from a Washington Square Mall store.

• A maintenance person called to report someone had spray-painted the words "black lives matter" on the back side of a business in the 11900 block of Pacific Highway.

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