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Oregon Democrat says 'the time has come' after president's resistance to House subpoenas; she follows Earl Blumenauer, who endorsed a similar move on May 3.

COURTESY U.S. REP. SUZANNE BONAMICI - U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore., now calls for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. She announced her shift on Wednesday, May 22.U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici has now endorsed an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

The Oregon Democrat had stopped short at a town hall meeting last month in Hillsboro, saying only that House committees should continue to press their investigations of him and his administration.

But in a statement released by her office Wednesday, May 22, she said recent resistance by Trump to House subpoenas has led her to change her stance.

Bonamici joined U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who was the first in the Oregon delegation to do so May 3 when he announced his support of a resolution introduced by Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Bonamici's full statement is below:

"The House of Representatives must begin an impeachment inquiry.

"I am gravely concerned about the actions of President Trump and the growing evidence of possible impeachable offenses, including obstruction of justice, committing human rights violations by separating children from their families, and profiting from the presidency. I've said before that impeachment should be an option, but we must approach it deliberately. The time has come.

"Congressional oversight is a critical part of the checks and balances that are designed under our Constitution to maintain the foundational principles of our system of separation of powers. Over the past several weeks, Congress has attempted to ask questions about President Trump and his activities and policies; questions that are rightly part of congressional oversight and that the American people deserve to have answered. President Trump and his administration have refused to cooperate.

"No one is above the law, and that includes the president and everyone who works for him. We must not stand by and send a message that this president's conduct is acceptable or appropriate. It is not.

"An impeachment inquiry is necessary to shed light on the truth. As this administration stretches executive privilege to the breaking point, flouts subpoenas, and disregards contempt proceedings, an impeachment inquiry is the appropriate tool available to allow Congress to fulfill our constitutional responsibility to conduct oversight of the executive branch as a co-equal branch of our government."

Impeachment would be akin to an indictment, which can be approved by a majority in the House. But removal is unlikely in the Senate, which has a Republican majority and where a two-thirds vote is required.

At the April 23 town hall meeting, Bonamici said, "This president is not fit for this office," which drew applause from the crowd of 200 at Century High School.

Blumenauer's May 3 statement is below:

"The Mueller investigation was limited in its capacity to take action and draw conclusions due to Justice Department guidelines. Yet, it was a treasure trove of information that deserves further investigation, which should be done in the House — the only chamber willing to hold this president accountable. For that reason, I am joining Congresswoman Tlaib in calling for the Judiciary Committee to carry out a formal investigation regarding potential impeachable offenses by Donald Trump."

"I reject the notion that we should move immediately to an impeachment vote. That produces a verdict before we have gathered all the evidence and fairly built the case to the American people. The House should use all the tools at its disposal to find the truth, because the facts are not going to change. Congress has a responsibility to hold public hearings to receive and understand all information to adequately make the case. It is critically important that we carry out our constitutional duty to conduct oversight over the executive branch. Throughout this process, the American people must remain engaged, involved and informed."

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NOTE: Adds that Earl Blumenauer was the first in the Oregon delegation to endorse an impeachment inquiry; adds his May 3 statement.

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