You can support Beaverton students’ future success

The school year has ended, but Beaverton Education Foundation’s work in support of Beaverton’s children continues.

This summer, Beaverton students will be able to keep learning through BEF-funded summer programs, reducing the loss of knowledge over the summer and making them better prepared to start school successfully in the fall.

This summer, Beaverton teachers and principals will make plans for innovative activities to enhance their classrooms and afterschool programs that will be supported by BEF funds.

This summer, children like Marisol, an English Language Learner student who participated in “Family Fun with Educational Games and Activities” at her school, will apply what they learned through their BEF-funded program.

Your support makes a difference in education throughout the entire year!

Please consider a gift of $45 today.

Educational opportunities through the Beaverton Education Foundation don’t stop just because the school year is over.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to the BEF at today in support of year-round learning for Beaverton’s children.

Thank you.

Kristine Baggett

Beaverton Education Foundation executive director

Summer meals program sets exceptional example

The Beaverton School District’s local Summer Food Service Program sites are exceptional (“Summer meal sites are serving up dishes,” Beaverton Valley Times, June 19).

By offering a range of delicious foods, as well as fun, safe and enriching play space for kids, these summer sites serve as a model for other cities and towns.

Communities face challenges to expanding and enhancing their summer food sites. Between 2012 and 2013, the state as a whole saw a 2 percent drop in summer meal program participation. A wide gap between participation in the summer meal program and participation in breakfast and lunch programs persists.

These same incredible results experienced in Beaverton are possible at parks, summer schools and other community hubs in low-income neighborhoods across Washington County.

A report released by Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon shows that small grants and technical assistance played a game-changing role in driving up participation rates in targeted locations.

Everyone has a role to play in supporting summer meal sites in their communities. Find out how you can help. Contact us at Together, we can make sure that every kid in Washington County has access to nourishing food and enriching activities while school is out for the summer.

Lesley Nelson

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon’s child hunger prevention manager