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More gun laws are first step toward confiscation, statism

Dr. Gene Uphoff (in a piece that appeared in last week’s edition of the Valley Times) cites facts and figures and makes a compelling case why expanded background checks are necessary to reduce gun violence.

Actually, I’m sorry to say that it is in reality a negative incremental step towards eventual gun confiscation. I would be more supportive of expanded background checks if I felt confident that our leaders at both the state and national level respected the American Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment. Sadly, this is not the case.

The people who run the show now, and especially in the Democratic Party, are the secular statist utopians. They view life in purely materialistic terms. Their view of the constitution is that it was created by a bunch of rich white guys for the sole purpose of feathering their own nests.

I beg to differ! The American Constitution is a divinely inspired document and created by men raised up by God to lay the foundation for the American miracle. Quite a difference in point of view.

How does this relate to gun control? The ultimate objective of the secular statist utopians is the total confiscation and redistribution of the nation’s wealth, i.e. your private property. This cannot be achieved until the American people are effectively disarmed. Once this objective is reached, entre’ the social engineers.

A state controlled existence is not healthy for my bank account nor my self-esteem. I hope Oregonians wake up to what is really happening behind the scenes and either through recall, primary, or general elections, kick out the statists. Bring on 2016!

Scott Holland, Tigard

Muslim man decries ISIS action, seeks understanding

As an American Muslim, I read about the atrocities committed by ISIS and my heart is filled with grief and anguish. To think that someone could commit such heinous crimes against humanity is beyond comprehension for me.

As an Ahmadi Muslim, I have been taught that Islam condemns the taking of an innocent life. In fact, the Quran teaches that the taking of even one innocent life is equivalent to the killing of all mankind. Islam recognizes the freedom of conscience of every human — the right for them to decide what they believe in or don’t believe in.

It is clear from what Islam truly teaches that the men who commit these vicious crimes are not motivated by religion; rather they are motivated by economic and political gains. I believe, in order to stop ISIS, we must look to their sources of funding and start from there.

Waqas Hussain, Beaverton

Andrew Beach truly cares about Beaverton schools.

Communities are fortunate when gifted people have a deep concern and care about the schools our children attend. Zone 7 in Beaverton has such a man in Andrew Beach, who is running for this seat in the upcoming election. His children attend there.

It is one thing to talk; it’s another to show caring through actions that improve matters. On Saturday, April 25, Andrew again headed up a work program.

Please support Andrew Beach, a longtime volunteer who puts his actions into good use for the community and Beaverton School District. His business background and skills make him a wise choice. He understands Common Core’s intentions.

Mark your ballot for: Andrew Beach, Zone 7, Beaverton School District. You’ll be glad you did.

Billie Reynolds, working acquaintance

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