Topics range from affordable housing, to 'Dreamers,' to voter assistance teams.

County needs regional answers to housing

This letter is in response to Peter Wong's article "Board divided on regional housing bond" in the Jan. 17 issue.

In particular, it is encouraging news that all five Washington County commissioners agree that there is a need for action to address the housing crisis, even if there are differences of opinion on how to move forward.

As executive directors of organizations dedicated to addressing this housing crisis in Washington County, we are excited about the opportunity to support a regional approach. A regional approach means every community is a part of the solution to our housing needs — we all step up together. Working regionally makes it possible to address the housing needs of families where families have the most support — their local community. A regional approach will also create housing that can be near jobs.

The proposed Metro regional housing bond will be a platform to achieving many of these goals, and we agree with the Washington County board that the proposal, as it is further developed should include clarity on how funds will be distributed between the three counties in the region.

We build beautiful, safe and affordable housing at a time when the market is unable to create new housing for low- and moderate-income families, seniors and vulnerable community members. This is not housing that is an eyesore in the neighborhood, but rather quality community assets that will be maintained long-term. We rely on the leadership and funding efforts of our elected officials, along with taxpayers and our donors. The Washington County Board has been providing valuable support for this work and the regional bond will provide an opportunity for the County to add to their significant track record.

A regional approach is a tremendous step forward.

Rachael Duke, Executive Director

Community Partners

for Affordable Housing

Nathan Teske,

Executive Director Bienestar

Daniel Valliere,

Chief Executive Officer


'Dreamers' contribute to our community

I'm writing to voice my support for Dreamers (recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

I believe that these young people are vital to our society and they're some of the best people this country has to offer.

As you know, some DACA recipients are going to school to better themselves, some are working very hard and paying taxes, some are even serving in our great military! These people are citizens in every aspect. They grew up pledging allegiance to our flag, singing our national anthem, standing for the national anthem and attending our schools. They are here by no fault of their own. They can't help the fact that they were brought here in an illegal way. We shouldn't be holding them accountable for mistakes their parents made. That's just wrong on so many levels.

What's also wrong is that some people actually want these very fine people deported. I couldn't disagree more.

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, Sen. Jeff Merkley, and Sen. Ron Wyden: please fight for a clean Dream Act with no border wall funds included!

John Meissinger


Voter Assistance Team does valuable work

Before each election, we reserve the free services of the Voter Assistance Team to assist our residents to vote at Hearthstone of Beaverton Assisted Living Community. Because they come, our residents are able to get unbiased help with the voting process and thus do their civic duty to vote as long as they possibly can.

For this past election, many were able to mail in their ballot but about a third of our residents were assisted with their voting or dropped their ballot into the official ballot box brought by the team.

This team is greatly appreciated. Their kind, friendly manner is remembered by our voters. Several said that not only did the VAT help them understand the issue on the ballot, they elevated the voting process to the important place it holds in the democratic process in our country.

Many thanks to this team. We are usually the first to reply before each election in order to get them scheduled and are indebted to the Elections Office for this valuable service.

Nancy Anderson


Democrats wrong on immigration issue

I'm appalled by the willingness of congressional Democrats to blackmail the entire country into passing an amnesty for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients as a condition of funding the government for awhile.

If Republicans pulled a stunt like this for the sake of a special interest group of 800,000 people, Democrats would accuse them of heartlessness. Yet the Democrats think nothing of holding taxpayers hostage to their amnesty agenda, and without any form of future immigration enforcement to end these dilemmas. Their agenda is clear: If Americans want the military to be paid or social services delivered we'd better agree to another amnesty. Feeling used yet?

Lyneil Vandermolen


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