This week's topics: The Washington County race for district attorney, plus a critique on the media.

Barton would make best district attorney

I am one of 10 full-time victim advocates currently working in the Washington County District Attorney's Office and I support Kevin Barton to be the next Washington County District Attorney.

The sole purpose of our job as advocates is to support and enforce the rights of crime victims in Washington County. In the last quarter of 2017, our office enforced rights, provided emergency assistance and support for more than 3,000 crime victims.

During a recent forum, Max Wall (the other candidate running for DA) implied that very little is currently being done in our office to support crime victims. This is contrary to the facts and a very uninformed opinion. I've worked with Kevin Barton for many years and I've seen daily that he works diligently to support and protect victim's rights, especially those of the most vulnerable, including the elderly, children and mentally ill victims.

I urge the public to research the facts and the important issues at stake in this race and vote Kevin Barton for the next Washington County District Attorney so that we may continue this important work.

Molly Shipley

Washington County District Attorney's Office

Victim Advocate


Media, lawmakers often miss the mark on issues

It makes little sense — considering the media has an outlet and politicians have power — that both will constantly talk, discuss and debate the wrong answers to an issue or concern!

My issue here is gun control, but it could just as easily have been the homeless or any of countless issues and problems that should be solved by those we empower to do so.

Why? Really makes me ponder the intelligence of those involved.

William Hunt


Former juror supports Barton for DA seat

I recently completed a five-week term as a member of a Washington County grand jury. I found the experience educational and inspiring.

The most difficult moments were the cases that dealt with child sex abuse and pornography. Every member of our panel shed tears after hearing the victims testify in these cases. Yet we were heartened by the caring attitude and professionalism of the attorneys that make up the child abuse team directed by Chief Deputy DA Kevin Barton. Barton, who is running for the office of Washington County District Attorney this May, is an award-winning attorney who has a proven track record as a prosecutor. He has worked with hundreds of crime victims and their families. Barton is the consummate professional and has the support of virtually every police agency and police chief in the county as well as other district attorneys. Washington County is a safe community, but there is a reason: we have innovative, dedicated and caring criminal justice professionals.

Kevin Barton will continue in that tradition as Washington County District Attorney. And our families will continue to be protected and safe. I trust and support him. I think you should, too.

Ed Curtis


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