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Elections on May primary ballot dominates this week's mail bag; ballots should be distributed around May 1.

Prosecutors to support Barton's campaign

We are the team of prosecutors that handle Washington County's most serious crimes: murder, child abuse, elder abuse, human trafficking, rape, robbery, gangs and serious assaults. Washington County voters have an important decision to make on May 15, choosing the next district attorney.

Kevin Barton is the landslide winner of local endorsements, including both Democrats and Republicans, elected officials, law enforcement and community leaders. This is because Kevin Barton stands for what we hold dear: the protection of victims and the community while innovating within the criminal justice system to seek solutions for positive change.

His opponent, Max Wall, has virtually no local support from current local leadership. Mr. Wall pushes a national agenda insinuating that we are getting criminal justice wrong in Washington County and that change is needed. You know better.

Our office, under the leadership of Kevin Barton, is the proud steward of many nationally recognized, innovative treatment programs such as Drug Court, Mental Health Court and soon a Veterans Treatment Court.

Kevin Barton knows that often, providing treatment is better for the community than jail or prison. Kevin Barton is the only candidate with a proven track record of responsible leadership, and has earned our vote.

Gina Skinner

Jeff Lesowski

John Gerhard

Bracken McKey

Vote 'no' on levy for City of Tigard

I appreciate the safety of the Tigard community, the access to parks and the library. My neighborhood has sidewalks that developers, not the city, paid for. I get that operating costs have increased given the city's growth from 13,000 to 50,000 and that 54 percent of the budget is for labor while only 18 percent of revenue is from property taxes. I understand that I have a relatively low tax rate.

However, City Council goals and spending have compelled me to pause on Measure 34-283.

The urban renewal of downtown and 72nd avenue have taken commercial property off the tax rolls. Now, $330,000 is spent on recreation programs; $614,000 is spent on media communications; over $400,000 was spent on the Fanno House, yet is not available for community use; $134,000 is budgeted for the personal services of the mayor and health insurance of the council.

My monthly utility bill has 62 percent fees for parks, streets and recreation.

Let us not expand Tigard to the likes of Beaverton, instead focus on providing core services first in a prudent and efficient manner. Although it pains me to see even more cuts to the library, I will not be supporting Tigard's tax levy.

Linda Monahan


Laura Mitchell right for Beaverton Council

Voting for Beaverton City Council will be more important this year than ever. There are four candidates for Position 2, none of whom have held elected office before.

After watching three of the four candidates speak at the Washington County Public Affairs Forum, and reading their biographies in the voter's pamphlet, there is one clear stand out for this position. Laura Mitchell not only has the proven background in business and management, she has the education and has done much more volunteer work with the City of Beaverton than the other candidates.

I don't think any of the other candidates are bad people, but we should elect those candidates who have a proven track record of quality service in increasingly responsible roles. Laura Mitchell is the current chair of two separate and crucial committees to the city (budget and social service). This experience has garnered her the impressive support of all the current City Council members, the mayor, and the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce among others.

It is critical that we elect officials who have the experience and background to do this important work. Laura Mitchell is ready to fill the position to help lead Beaverton into the future.

Brian Everest


Kevin Barton right choice for DA job

I live, work and own a business in Washington County and have personally known Kevin Barton for years. Kevin has a long-standing track record as a prosecutor and in keeping our county safe and is a natural choice for Washington County District Attorney.

His work with disadvantaged children and dedication to building a community are a strong reflection of his own core values and beliefs. He is an upstanding citizen, representative and family supporter. Kevin lives what he believes and practices it, not only in his professional life but also in his day-to-day interactions with his family and community.

He has been endorsed by many public officials and leaders inside and outside of our county, which speaks to his sphere of influence and recognition of work. Kevin is a leader of our future, as he continues to be innovative and committed to making Washington County a better, safer and more prosperous place to live.

I support Kevin his pursuit of relentless improvement in our community and support him for Washington County District Attorney.

Erin Koenig


Bob Terry's experience makes him right as county chair

Washington County Chair candidate Bob Terry has served our community with selfless dedication throughout many years on many committees. His experience and service has helped this county to maintain budgets without raising taxes, something that the rest of Oregon is envious of. It is unfortunate that many of the other candidates for county chair have not demonstrated the same philosophies; they have voted for or want to bring us more taxes.

Bob Terry is the only candidate that has shown not only that he understands what it takes to keep the our county running smoothly without raising taxes, but he also has demonstrated a very good balance on both rural and urban issues. Washington County is very diverse and has so many opportunities. We are a county that is not only the economic engine of Oregon, but a county rich in diversity, good planning, high paying jobs, good and safe schools and many recreational opportunities for all. This county has not achieved these high standards by itself, it has been good leadership that has brought us here, and that leadership in so many roles has been Bob Terry.

I urge everyone to vote for Bob Terry for Washington County Chair.

Bob Horning

North Plains

Peer supports Barton in race for DA's seat

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Kevin Barton for Washington County District Attorney. Kevin is highly qualified for the position in terms of experience and character. He is the right person for the job.

Kevin is currently the chief deputy district attorney in the Washington County District Attorney's office and he has over 10 years' experience prosecuting felony criminal cases. He has a track record of protecting our communities, our families and the underrepresented. He supervises the Child Abuse Team and he is active in prosecuting serious crimes such as child abuse, sex trafficking, murder, elder abuse, domestic violence and embezzlement. His distinguished service has resulted in numerous awards and recognition.

Our district attorney must be of utmost character, should be a strong leader and above all else should be fair. I have known Kevin for a number of years on a professional and personal level and I have coached youth sports with him. He is a family man. He cares about our community and he invests in our youth. He is a trusted leader and he is fair in his approach to life. I saw that in the way he coaches. Those same traits that have made Kevin successful in his career in the Washington County District Attorney's office were demonstrated on the field. Kevin listened. He led by example. He was fair.

He is by far our best candidate for Washington County's next district attorney. There is a reason Kevin is overwhelmingly supported by his peers. I hope you will join me in supporting Kevin for this challenging yet ever-important role as Washington's County's District Attorney. He is the right choice to lead the protection of our communities and to enforce justice.

Ted D. Karr


Parents urge vote for Kevin Barton

With four children grown, we recently moved to Washington County. On May 15, we will vote for Kevin Barton, the current chief deputy district attorney in Washington County, to become the next district attorney. Kevin has our vote and confidence to keep our homes, children and streets safe. We have known Kevin and his family for years. He is a man of integrity.

I have worked with children in elementary schools for 25 years and am keenly aware of their reliance on adults for protection. As the lead child abuse prosecutor, Kevin has personally prosecuted hundreds of child abuse cases. He chairs the Washington County Multidisciplinary Team, which works with other professionals to keep children safe at school and at home. Kevin believes that children are our future, and if they are not safe, we have no future.

The list is long of people who endorse Kevin, including other district attorneys, police chiefs, mayors, and both Democratic and Republican senators and representatives from the area. We believe in Kevin and are volunteering to walk door to door for him to gather support for the man most experienced, qualified, and ready to be the next District Attorney in Washington County.

Elise Clark


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