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May 15 election dominates the mail bag this week, including DA and county races.

Max Wall is right for county DA job

For our criminal justice system to be the most effective, we need leadership that reflects a broad vision of public safety. That's why I have endorsed Max Wall for Washington County District Attorney.

Max Wall understands that community safety means addressing mental health and addiction, rather than unnecessarily sending people to prison. He's committed to addressing inequities so that we can have a justice system that's fair to everyone. He also believes that crime survivors need more trauma treatment services to help them heal.

From my experience as a state legislator, a business owner, an educator and a Washington County resident, I agree that Max Wall's public safety vision is right for our county. He has the perspective and experience that we deserve in our district attorney.

State Rep. Margaret Doherty


Administrator shouldn't be ousted over retweet

I think it's a shame that the assistant superintendent of Beaverton School District resigned after making a tweet against illegal immigration. Why shouldn't any faculty member be able to criticize lawlessness? It defies common sense unless the district's goal is to demand euphemisms for a certain category of lawbreaker for the purpose of devaluing the meaning of citizenship.

The school district's website affirms this. By denying any distinction between legal immigrants and illegal aliens, it has in effect, banned intellectual honesty and shown its intolerance of anyone who still knows the difference. If false narratives permeate the entire school district, I predict its students will become as incapable of analytical thought as their educators.

Lyneil Vandermolen


Coverage biased against Max Wall

I find aspects of the Washington County District Attorney's race troubling. After attending a candidates forum in King City in early April, and then reading the April 12 article in The Times, I sense a bias against Max Wall simply because his candidacy compels Deputy D.A. Barton to actually campaign for the D.A.'s position.

Indeed, people seemed affronted that Mr. Wall entered the race at all. Yes, Barton has years of experience working in the D.A.'s office. He therefore has relationships with the political and law enforcement establishment, and thus has collected numerous endorsements.

However, just because this race has not attracted a second candidate in decades does not mean that it should always be so. With no challenger, would the Barton campaign assume that people would vote for Barton anyway, or would the campaign still actually make an effort to show why this candidate should win this office? Also, the Barton campaign's "outside money" innuendo against Max Wall is offensive and meaningless. Though a county resident, Wall is the outsider here, and he likely would need some "outside money," since Barton has appeared to lock up the establishment's support.

As Wall pointed out at the King City forum, Barton has had months in the race, whereas Wall entered only weeks before. Barton may or may not be the better candidate, but right now, he should make sure he acts like a candidate instead of "next-in-line."

Brian McGahren


Bob Terry's outreach makes him right for job

Bob Terry is by far one of the best candidates we have seen in a long time. I believe he should be elected (as Washington County chair).

His work with the community and the people is strong. He has given time to come to the mesjed Imam-al Mahdi to speak to the Arab community and build a relationship, which the Arab community found very pleasing regarding what has been happening around the world.

Another thing Bob Terry has been doing that shouldn't go unnoticed is the amount and effort he has been putting into non-profit organization to help increase housing for the homeless. I believe as a U.S. citizen and an Oregonian, Bob Terry is a man of his word and would do great for the Washington county chair.

Wafaa Hassan


Bob Terry gets nod as county's chair

More and more people are moving to Oregon every day. Washington County is where many of them end up living because of both the quality of life it affords and its prospects for the future. As District 4's commissioner these past eight years, Bob Terry has been a big part of guiding our success. And I want that success to continue.

Commissioner Terry is the only candidate at campaign events to stand out for his depth of detailed knowledge surrounding county affairs at public events. And he is the only candidate who has spoken plainly to the truth: we need to build new roads and homes to keep growing, and that means more land. It is type of honest, commonsense leadership that makes Commissioner Terry qualified to chair the Washington County Commission.

It also means that the quality of life we have experienced and expect in the future is at risk if Bob Terry isn't our next chair. I don't want Portland to look like Paris. I want local control in local hands, and Bob Terry has always fought for that. That's why he has my vote.

Mehran Smith


Lawyer supports campaign of Kevin Barton for DA

As a Washington County resident and an attorney who works with criminal justice agencies, I support Kevin Barton for Washington County's next district attorney.

He's a sharp, committed, passionate advocate for our community's most vulnerable members. Many of his cases involve people whose lives have been shattered by violence, addiction and mental illness. Seeking justice for the community can be challenging when the defendants and victims alike are so scarred. Kevin's record has shown throughout his 11 years with the Washington County District Attorney's Office that he is able to navigate even these most difficult cases.

I support Kevin for two primary reasons. First, he's a great attorney, gifted administrator and mission-driven public servant. I've seen this first hand and believe he's precisely the kind of public servant Washington County needs and should encourage to serve.

Second, he's committed to criminal justice reforms that reflect the community's, the victim's, and the offender's circumstances. In his cases, he balances holding the defendant accountable with seeking justice for the victim, and providing the community with a sense of security and safety. He's shown that he's both a believer in treatment court models and diversion programs, and in providing more transparency to the work of the DA's office.

A lifelong independent, Kevin has the support and endorsement of nearly all regional elected officials, law enforcement, and civic groups — Democrat and Republicans alike. Please vote for Kevin Barton in May!

William Glasson

Northwest Portland

Family's experience leads to Barton support

I am writing to urge readers to vote for Kevin Barton for Washington County District Attorney.

Barton is currently the chief deputy district attorney and is running to replace retiring District Attorney Bob Hermann. He is the right person for the job and he has my vote.

In a million years, I would never have thought I would ever be sitting in a courtroom in Washington County involved in a trial where my family was the victim. In January of 2014 that was the case after a tragic accident involving my children resulted in a trial. The DA's office was there for our family every step of the way. The deputy district attorney who handled our case was on scene the night of the accident and with care and support, he helped us walk through a situation that no family should ever have to go through. When our case went to trial, we were treated with dignity and respect by everyone in the DA's office. Through the entire process we were included and listened to, our opinions mattered, so when we asked for no jail time during the defendant's sentencing, the deputy district attorney respected our wishes with support.

Having gone through this experience I know that the Washington County DA's office does everything they can to assist the victims. I have no doubt that under the leadership of Kevin Barton, future victims of crime will be treated with the utmost care and respect just as we were.

Susan Dieter-Robinson

Forest Grove

Are Beaverton teachers doing enough for students?

The (Beaverton School District) levy is to preserve 300 teaching positions, maintain class sizes and help ensure students are prepared for post-high school success. These are all good goals. It raises over $100 million to fund these 300 teachers.

But the question is: What are teachers doing to meet the needs of the district working, at the secondary school level, only 62.5 percent of the day with children?

Teachers in Beaverton only teach students five out of eight classes. Why is that? No other district in the area lets their teachers have three prep periods in an eight-period rotation. They get two prep periods in an eight-period rotation. Yet in Beaverton they get five.

How much money is really needed by the district if the teachers actually worked as much as they do in other districts in Oregon? One more teaching period per eight-period rotation should be a requirement for Beaverton teachers just as it is with other districts. Could you please investigate this further? Thank you, concerned citizen for financial accountability in our schools.

Brenda Sauvageau

Northwest Portland

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