With the primary election coming up May 15, readers sound off on candidates, Tigard's levy.

Legislator backs Barton for DA

As chair of the Oregon House Committee on Judiciary, I work with the law enforcement community on legislation to strengthen our criminal justice system. Over the years, I've interacted with many district attorneys from across Oregon. I can tell you it takes someone who not only can manage the day-to-day business of the DA's office, but also has the heart and dedication to carry the load for people who've experienced some of the most horrendous crimes imaginable.

Moreover, as a retired police officer with 31 years of law enforcement experience in Oregon, I understand firsthand that a strong and capable DA is crucial to ensuring that dangerous criminals stay behind bars. To me, Kevin Barton is the clear choice to be the next Washington County District Attorney.

Kevin has worked his way up through the Washington County DA's office. He leads a crime victim unit focused on prosecuting violent and sexual crimes against children. Kevin is well-respected by district attorneys from around Oregon for his tenacity and leadership skills. For over 11 years, Kevin has dedicated his career to fighting for victims who too often don't have a voice in our criminal justice system.

Further, I have profound concerns about the campaign of his opponent, Max Wall. He filed for office on the last possible day, with promises of tens of thousands of dollars of out of state special interest PAC money. I had never met or even heard of Mr. Wall prior to the day he filed for office and see that he has no support from the law enforcement professionals who dedicate their lives to keeping our families safe.

The voters of Washington County deserve qualified, experienced and trusted leadership to keep our community safe. Please join me in voting for Kevin Barton for our next district attorney.

State Rep, Jeff Barker


Tigard resident voted 'yes' yes for city levy

As a 33-year resident of Tigard and graduate of Tigard High many decades ago, I voted for the local option levy.

The cost of $1.18 per $1000 of assessed property value seems to work out to about one half the cost of a special cup of coffee per day, based on property with about $400,000 assessed value.

That half cup of coffee represents three or four police resource officers pulled out of schools, police officer vacancies not filled, library closed more days, park maintenance reduced and information technology not keeping up.

I want these things: to sleep well knowing our police department is fully staffed, to visit the library knowing it is not closed, to enjoy our clean parks, and to know that information is available through up-to-date technology.

That's why I voted for Ballot Measure 34-283.

Vlasta N. Barber


Deckert has right history to chair commission

In reading your articles and letters to the editor in your April 19 edition regarding the May elections, one race of deep importance is the race for Washington County chair. I am supporting Ryan Deckert because my family and I have had the pleasure of knowing him since he went to Highland Junior High and Beaverton High School with our two daughters in the 1980s.

I've known since then that Ryan would be a success at whatever he chose to do and he has excelled as a public servant. Ryan is a former Democratic state senator whom, together with his wife Inga, have three young daughters who are currently attending the same public schools that he once did. As a young Oregon state senator, Ryan authored the gain share bill, bringing millions of dollars back to Washington County. He also authored the free summer lunch program for children and advocated for full-day kindergarten.

Ryan previously served as the president of the Oregon Business Association and has worked to bring thousands of local jobs to Washington County. He has served on the boards of Habitat for Humanity, the Oregon Zoo, SMART and Washington County Community Action.

Ryan wants to champion livable communities of the future and his priorities include combating crushing traffic with an all-in approach, affordable housing solutions, bringing responsible businesses and jobs to Washington County and investing in our public schools.

I encourage you to vote for Ryan Deckert for Washington County Commission chair.

William F. Comer


Bob Terry has served Washington County well

"Washington County is the economic engine of Oregon." Why do the politicians keep repeating this? First, because it's true. And secondly because Commissioner Bob Terry and the other commissioners have been strategic in supporting industries to bring in jobs, housing and tax revenues in our beautiful and fertile county. Revenues keep our roads maintained, communities safe and those in need served. Commissioner Terry brings unique and important talents: financial savvy and deeply held respect for the people of Washington County. Combine his 20 years on the County Budget Committee, his eight years as a commissioner, with his lifelong personal contributions to various charities and causes, Bob is the only choice for Washington County Commission chair.

I live in unincorporated Aloha, depending on the county for road management, responsible development and safety. It never lets me down. I give credit to Commissioner Terry. It's a great place to live. The county must stay the course of prudent development, dependable county services and proper infrastructure maintenance and improvement.

I have supported Commissioner Terry since Elizabeth Furse challenged him in 2014. Washington County didn't need a progressive liberal then and it doesn't need one now. Vote for Bob Terry, County Commission Chair.

Susan Zike


Voting 'yes' for Tigard's levy

Tigard is a great place to live and I want to keep it that way. That is why I will be voting "yes" on the upcoming tax levy.

When I moved to Tigard just over three years ago, I commented to friends and family how well the city is run. As a citizen volunteer on the Bond and Levy Taskforce, I had the opportunity to examine all facets of the current tax revenue situation and its impact on Tigard.

I know how carefully the city manages the budget but costs are increasing faster than our revenues and this makes it impossible to deliver the same level of service at current property tax rates. Our recommendation to put the levy on the ballot was not made lightly as we understand the financial impact to families. But the alternative — a significant reduction in services — also has consequences. Fewer police officers, cutbacks in park maintenance and library closures hurt all of us.

We need to decide what kind of community we want Tigard to be. I hope you will join me in voting "yes" on the levy to maintain the city services that contribute to our quality of life and safety.

Kate Rogers


Ryan Deckert offers balanced approach

For many of us, Oregon has been a haven for sensible political discord. The recent baseless attack on Ryan Deckert from Bob Terry's campaign is both uninformed and misaligned. It is for this reason, among others, I am supporting Ryan Deckert. Ryan's balanced approach to industry and community will bring a voice of reason to Washington County.

Nick Hodson


Deckert's integrity

is reason to vote

I have been a proud resident of Washington County for 26 years and one of the great things about our community is that we treat each other with respect. That is why I am so disgusted by the actions of the people campaigning for Bob Terry. Instead of talking about the issues he is resorting to name-calling and insults. This is not what we need in a leader.

That is why I am voting for Ryan Deckert, a man of integrity.

Scott Burgess


Bob Terry is right person to be chair

I have worked with Bob Terry in Washington County for over 25 years.

n Bob has served on the Tuality Foundation board since 1996, which has helped provide more health services and low- or no-cost health education to our community, including funding the Tuality-OHSU Cancer Center. The Foundation's ¡Salud! program provides outreach, health education and clinical referral for vineyard workers throughout Washington and Yamhill counties.

n As a Washington County commissioner, Bob Terry was instrumental, working with the Washington County Commission on Families & Children, on which I served, to provide county grants for better primary health services in our high schools.

n I have served with Bob Terry on the Washington County Public Health Advisory Council. The Public Health Advisory Council supported health issues including replacing old wood burning stoves used for home heat, increasing school immunizations and suicide prevention.

Bob Terry is committed to a thriving Washington County for all, because he's been working to do just that for over two decades now.

I plan to vote for Bob Terry for Washington County chair. I hope you will consider doing the same.

Dick Stenson

Retired President & CEO

Tuality Healthcare

Forest Grove

Deckert will balance industry, community

For many of us, Oregon has been a haven for sensible political discord. The recent baseless attack on Ryan Deckert from Bob Terry's campaign is both uninformed and misaligned.

It is for this reason among others, I am supporting Ryan Deckert. Ryan's balanced approach to industry and community will bring a voice of reason to Washington County.

Nick Hodson


Say 'no' to plan for Tigard's tax

Tigard has a massive tax increase on the May 15 ballot. Property taxes would go up at least 32% in one jump if this was to pass. Clearly not affordable.

Tigard's population has increased but so has its revenues. What did they do with all the new money? Higher salaries? They have a spending problem, so they need to live within a budget just like we all do. Taxing people out of their homes is not the solution.

Vote "no" on tax measure 34-283! Thank you.

Paul Hoffman


Vote Huegli for circuit court judge

I am writing on behalf of Todd Huegli, who is running for Washington County Circuit Court Judge Position 15. I have known Todd for over 30 years and watched his career develop. Circuit court judges need to have a broad range of experience and be able to handle a variety of cases, including family, juvenile, civil and criminal law. Todd worked as a public defender in Washington County for many years before entering private practice.

His integrity, honesty, fairness, compassion and strong desire to help his clients I believe will enable him to bring a positive approach to the Washington County Circuit Court.

Lisa Ross


Tigard levy would raise taxes too much

The tax levy measure for Tigard is exactly a 47 percent increase in your Tigard property tax. The current rate is $2.51 per $1,000 and the proposed measure adds $1.18 per $1,000. That is exactly a 47 percent increase (not the 3 percent that The Times mistakenly reported last week)

The city has threatened brown parks, reduced library access and slow police response. Yet the city, by its own statements, collects just one half of 1 percent less than it needs to sustain current services. Yes, one half of 1 percent ... yet it is asking for a 47 percent increase. Why are they asking for so much?

"Expanded Services" — That is why. If that's what they wanted they should have said so explicitly … and they did not.

Know what you are voting for, or against.

Brian Conroy


Take next week to thank a nurse

During national Nurses' Week, May 6-12, I would like to take the opportunity to publicly recognize and thank the nurses at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, who serve our hospital and community with their commitment and compassion.

It takes a special kind of person to dedicate his life to care for others. At Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center, our 400-plus nurses make a meaningful difference in people's lives every day. As front-line care providers, they work tirelessly to meet the needs of our patients at all hours of the day and night. Nurses are highly educated and trained medical professionals as well as advocates, teachers, confidants and friends.

This year's theme for Nurses' Week is, "Nurses Inspire, Innovate, and Influence." I am in awe and appreciation of all the nurses with whom I have the honor to work. Thank you, Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center nurses for all that you do!

Mel Stibal, MSN, MBA, RN

Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer

Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center


We need Deckert on county commission

The newspaper's endorsement of Ryan Deckert was spot on "Ryan Deckert stands out in the pack as the best of the bunch, as a proven consensus-builder, and as a big-vision kind of candidate."

The recent attack ads by opponent Bob Terry were shockingly deceitful, and clearly the effort of someone who will do anything to win. More importantly, Bob Terry is simply out of touch with the realities facing Washington County families today. I trust Ryan Deckert to prioritize the needs of working families in our community. Ryan has a track record of consensus building that proves he can work across party lines to create workable, affordable, solutions that are in the interest of our families and our community. Ryan Deckert is the positive, unifying, breath of fresh air we need.

Sue Levin

Southwest Portland

Malinowski proved to be great commissioner

In 2010 I completed grad school at the London School of Economics and returned home to Raleigh Hills. While the economy recovered, and I hunted for a career job, I was fortunate to be introduced to Greg Malinowski and offered a role as his campaign manager in his race for Washington County Commissioner, District Two.

At the time, Greg was highly recommended to me by friends that had known him and his work a long time. But still he was new to me, and while we quickly hit it off, there's always some risk and unknown when you decide to tie yourself to a candidate and their values. You can only know so much about someone when you first meet, but as we moved forward Greg proved himself a tremendous candidate, and equally important first class human being.

My role was supposed to be "half-time", roughly 20 to 25 hours a week, but I was so impressed with Greg's vision I committed every waking minute to his campaign. I was drawn in by his vast community of support and unmatched knowledge of the county. We were the underdog, but won a come-from-behind victory versus a more well-heeled candidate.

Since then, I got a job in Portland and moved to the city to be closer to work, but I've watched closely Greg's work and the developments in Washington County. Greg continues to make me proud and frankly I can't tell you how lucky you are to have him as your representative. I only wish we could clone him, so he could represent more of us! So please get out and vote in this critical election on May 15 — you have the best county commissioner one could hope for in Greg.

Sean Sosnovec

Southwest Portland

Deckert would support working families

Ryan Deckert is the best choice for Washington County chair. He's a family man with three children in public schools, and I believe he has a clear vision of what it will take to improve conditions for working families.

I've supported Ryan throughout the entirety of this race and I must say that, after Bob Terry's recent defamatory, mud-slinging remarks, I'm in even more support of Ryan. It's clear that Ryan is a decent family man and a smart business leader who will do right by our county, whereas Bob would sink so low as to defame someone's character publicly to try and edge ahead in a race.

Thank you, Beaverton Valley Times for endorsing Ryan. I'm glad to know he has your vote, and I hope Washington County residents follow your lead.

Melissa Lee

Southwest Portland

Bob Terry gets nod in race for chair

Bob Terry will be getting my vote for county chair. He has shown on numerous occasions support for our young people and concern for our aging. His understanding of the diversity and growth in our county make him a strong leader. He is a walker not just a talker.

Loyce Gilpin-Ganger


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