The final print edition before Tuesday's election focuses on races in our region.

Malinowski proved great as commissioner

In 2010 I completed grad school at the London School of Economics and returned home to Raleigh Hills. While the economy recovered, and I hunted for a career job, I was fortunate to be introduced to Greg Malinowski and offered a role as his campaign manager in his race for Washington County Commissioner, District Two.

At the time, Greg was highly recommended to me by friends that had known him and his work a long time. But still he was new to me, and while we quickly hit it off, there's always some risk and unknown when you decide to tie yourself to a candidate and their values. You can only know so much about someone when you first meet, but as we moved forward Greg proved himself a tremendous candidate, and equally important first class human being.

My role was supposed to be "half-time", roughly 20 to 25 hours a week, but I was so impressed with Greg's vision I committed every waking minute to his campaign. I was drawn in by his vast community of support and unmatched knowledge of the county. We were the underdog, but won a come-from-behind victory versus a more well-heeled candidate.

Since then, I got a job in Portland and moved to the city to be closer to work, but I've watched closely Greg's work and the developments in Washington County. Greg continues to make me proud and frankly I can't tell you how lucky you are to have him as your representative. I only wish we could clone him, so he could represent more of us! So please get out and vote in this critical election on May 15 — you have the best county commissioner one could hope for in Greg.

Sean Sosnovec

Southwest Portland

Deckert would aid working families

Ryan Deckert is the best choice for Washington County chair. He's a family man with three children in public schools, and I believe he has a clear vision of what it will take to improve conditions for working families.

I've supported Ryan throughout the entirety of this race and I must say that, after Bob Terry's recent defamatory, mud-slinging remarks, I'm in even more support of Ryan. It's clear that Ryan is a decent family man and a smart business leader who will do right by our county, whereas Bob would sink so low as to defame someone's character publicly to try and edge ahead in a race.

Thank you, Beaverton Valley Times for endorsing Ryan. I'm glad to know he has your vote, and I hope Washington County residents follow your lead.

Melissa Lee

Southwest Portland

Taxed enough already: no on Tigard measure

Vote 'no' on Measure 34-283. My bill has sky rocketed to $6,710! In addition to already paying for schools, police, fire, parks, pools, etc. Voters have passed numerous additional taxes/bonds. In looking at the itemized list, we are paying for most of these services three to four times already! Why should we pay more? What the hell are you doing with all the taxes/bonds you are already collecting?

What about all of the new houses that have been built in the Tigard Sattler area alone? You will be collecting thousands of additional property taxes from these new homes. If Measure 34-283 passes, my property tax bill will be $7,500!!! That's not federal income, or state in-come, or Social Security, that's $7,500 for

Washington County property taxes. No way!

Chris Latt


Bob Terry's ads are unworthy of election

Ryan Deckert is running to be the next chair of the Washington County Commission. He is an accomplished, proven leader both as an elected official and in the private sector. I was disappointed to see his opponent Bob Terry mail attack ads against him. The attacks are misleading and the kind of politics that divide communities. The ad demonstrates bully mentality — someone attacking others in order to make themselves look better. This is not acceptable on school playgrounds and it certainly has no place on our county's board of commissioners. Bob Terry should be ashamed of himself to have stooped so low.

Angie Unruh

Southwest Portland

Barton's compassion makes him right for DA

As a longtime resident of Washington County, a mother of two and a genocide survivor myself, I work as a Volunteer Victims Advocate (VA) in the Washington County DA's office (since January 2016). I love how safe, people-friendly and business friendly our county has become under the able leadership of the current district attorney in the past 20 years.

In my role as VA, I have had the privilege to observe Kevin Barton's work in the courthouse. I tell you, this man is passionate about helping people and he really cares! What I admire the most is his humility, compassion and empathy to victims who have no voice. Just watching him effortlessly interact with vulnerable children and their families during their life's darkest hour, it's obvious that Kevin puts people first to ensure they are not lost in the shuffle of the justice system.

Kevin's professionalism, legal expertise and impressive track record are underlined by compassion. In an adverse courtroom, his positive attitude is refreshing. I have seen him sit on a rug and share a joke with a child, or hold an elderly person's hand reassuringly. Be it child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, cybercrime or financial fraud -he treats every person with great dignity and respect while protecting their rights under the law.

Kevin exemplifies true integrity of character, selfless service and justice. He has earned my respect and trust. Kevin Barton for District Attorney, my vote is for you!

Harleen Kaur


Former officer backs Barton in election

I was a police officer for 33 years in Washington County, working with Kevin Barton on numerous criminal cases and know that he has a proven track record as a responsible, dedicated prosecutor. I trusted him to do the right thing and respected his decisions, which were alway in the best interest of justice and the victims of crime. Kevin Barton's endorsements by Sheriff Pat Garrett and law enforcement agencies demonstrate that Kevin Barton is not only qualified to do the job, but is the best person to be our district attorney. He has my vote.

Pat Campbell

Sgt. Beaverton Police Department (retired)


Feud between BSD, parks wastes money

The dysfunctional relationship between Beaverton School District and Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation is wasting your money. Over the last three years, I have witnessed increasing turf battles and cost-responsibility fights while both government units attempt to maximum profits from facility usage fees. The failure to cooperate increases costs, while both institutions spin their efforts as cost-saving measures.

One example of this abuse is the mismanagement of portable toilets at the International School of Beaverton. No one looks forward to using a portable toilet, but everyone can understand their necessity. The gloomy experience is mitigated by providing enough regularly cleaned units. In an effort to create a family-friendly environment for our guests, youth sport's programs have shouldered the cost of additional units and cleanings while knowing park users and homeless will frequent the facilities.

Two years ago, BSD instructed youth programs to remove their toilets from the school, which were replaced with taxpayer funded units by THPRD. I was shocked, especially considering the constant cry of budget shortfalls. Why voluntarily increase costs? This mindless action resulted in an ongoing BSD/THPRD battle over the location and cost of toilets. At one-point last year, there were five toilets on the property: two BSD units, properly located and locked except during BSD events, and two THPRD units, available to everyone, located in the corner of the park (the only area allowed by BSD). Twice during the year, I witness second-graders pee their pants trying to get into the toilet closest to their game field, which was locked.

BSD claims cost savings while failing to realize taxpayers are paying for five toilets when only three properly located units are needed.

Now BSD wants more taxpayer money! Vote no on No. 34-284? You decide.

Colin Ingram


Attack ads shouldn't be part of campaigns

Washington County chair candidate Ryan Deckert is my neighbor. I know him personally and our children go to school together. I do not know Bob Terry, but the attack ad against Ryan that he mailed to my house tells me all I need to know about him. Mr. Terry shared nothing about his vision for Washington County.

Voters would be better served by candidates who tell us about their own experience and priorities, not candidates who needlessly smear their opponents. This type of mean-spirited ugliness has no place in our county politics and candidates like Bob Terry who use this tactic do not deserve our vote.

Mark Hanken

Raleigh Hills

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