Well-known clerk says good bye to Tigard; gubernatorial candidate right on education.

Popular clerk says good bye to Tigard

To everyone in Tigard and King City I'd like to say thank you for always being there for me and invite you to my Going Away Party. Yup, that's right, I'm going away. After 22 years of working at the Tigard/King City Safeway as a courtesy clerk I'm headed to the Southwest … Arizona to be exact.

It seems like I know everyone in Tigard. From going to grade school, middle school and graduating from THS in 1995 I know you! From the Tigard firemen to the Tigard and Beaverton police, I know you! And all the customers at Safeway, I know you! As a Down Syndrome child and now adult I cannot thank you enough for your support. You have been like a family to me.

Yours truly,

Andy Gardner

Formerly of Tigard

Buehler is right on educational issues

Education is front and center for Oregon's problems, and the race for governor emphasizes that.

I've read Knute Buehler's detailed plan for education on his website, and encourage others to do so as well. As a student in the Oregon public school system, I can definitively say that our education establishment is in tatters. We rank 21st in per-pupil spending, and manage to fall in 38th for K-12 quality and 48th in graduation rate (US News 2018)!

Now Kate Brown has done a couple things here and there for our education system, but overall, our education system has become even worse under her. I've witnessed firsthand the frustration in students and teachers alike who are tired of abominable class sizes (36 is normal), and a lack of valuable classes — especially for those attending school in poor communities, which makes it harder for children to move up in the world. It's absolutely true that Knute's plan is quite ambitious, but the point is that he has a plan and is willing to provide strong leadership in order to see it through.

The time for empty promises of "hope and change" is over, but Oregon's place in the sun isn't.

Nicholas Williams


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