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Support for Monahan for mayor, BSD board member says both gubernatorial candidates support education

Monahan is right

as mayor of Tigard

As a resident of Tigard for more than 30 years, it is my feeling that this upcoming mayoral election will be one of the most important we've had in years. Our city is growing and changing, and we must grow and change right along with it.

I am someone who was involved in Oregon politics for more than 25 years at the state and local level and taught speech communication and debate at the university level. Logic helps us to make wise choices in all facets of Life.

For me, the only logical choice for Mayor is Linda Monahan.

Linda Monahan seems to not be afraid to speak up against what is commonly called "The Old Boy Network" of politicians. She sees we need to establish a new status quo for government in Tigard; one of progress and sensibility, so that our citizens can once again have full-strength core services such as police, library, sewer, water, etc. restored to us.

She is the only candidate who, in my opinion, did not give in to the position of the Southwest Corridor Plan (MAX) being "a done deal," but came up with sensible alternatives that would provide less disruptive options that would not only reduce Tigard traffic and save some of the established business buildings in Downtown Tigard, it would also provide more security to permanent affordable housing complexes in our Downtown area.

Linda Monahan is the only candidate who, in my opinion, understands that Tigard's "leadership" that encouraged unmitigated residential growth over the past several years has given us a sizable problem; we need better financial management so that city services can be provided to all residents, and at full-strength.

Linda Monahan is not taking any financial donations from anyone and she is not in anyone's pocket. She counts on volunteers to help her get her message across to Tigard voters.

If you want someone who can bring Tigard back up to where we should be and where we can be, then I hope you will join with me in voting this Nov. 6 for Linda Monahan for mayor of Tigard.

Toby Padgett


Both candidates get

importance of schools

I am grateful to live in a community that values and supports our schools and students. Unfortunately, over the past decade, the Beaverton School Board, as well as many other school boards across Oregon, has struggled to balance growing student needs with the limited financial resources from the state. That's why I am encouraged to see that both candidates for governor in the November election have made investing in our schools one of their top priorities.

Our revenue system is broken and badly in need of reform, and nothing less than the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake. As a parent and member of the Beaverton School Board, I applaud the candidates for debating this issue and intend to hold them accountable for following through once in office.

Becky Tymchuk

Beaverton School Board

Zone 6

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