Residents speak out on wide array of election issues during final week before Nov. 6 voting deadline.

Longtime business

owner backs Newton

My father and mother came to Tigard and started their business, Tigard Cleaners, in the '60s. Still family-owned and operated, second and third generation now.

I would love to have an opportunity to share with our community about Liz Newton running for Tigard City Council.

Liz Newton cares about the people in Tigard and what they want. She has a deep-seated commitment to our city that comes from the heart. She asks for input and really listens to it with an open mind. When she was assistant manager of the city, I knew that if I had a question or a problem, I could ask Liz and she would look into it and get back to me with an answer. She knows how to get things done.

Liz is intelligence, fair and honest. She'll give you the hole truth, without sugar-coating it. The same qualities will make her an excellent member of the Tigard City Council. That's why I'm supporting Liz, and I hope you will, too.

Darbie Mayberry


Woodard would help

Tigard as its mayor

There are few opportunities for voters to make a significant change in city operations and culture. The mayor's race in Tigard is one that will determine the city's future. The future being one of efficiency, accountability and livability or (not).

Being the mayor of a city is a full-time job. One that includes being available to outreach and engage the public and attend governmental partner meetings on a daily basis. It means having someone you can trust to be physically present for duty; and ensure Tigard's interests are fully represented and led by an experienced leader.

Marc Woodard is that candidate who will be physically available to Tigard citizens and will attend the city interest based meeting, rather than sending a staff or special interest representatives.. Marc is a proven leader who has the skills and knowledge to get Tigard's budget back on track while maintaining quality services and building a strong livable community. Vote Marc Woodard for Tigard Mayor.

Carin Grover


Harrington top pick

to lead our county

As a resident of Garden Home, I vote for county commissioners, not mayors or councilors. So it is important to me that we elect a chair for the Washington County Board of Commissioners whose mission is to support the entire community.

Kathryn Harrington has shown that she is committed to inclusion, to working collaboratively, and to developing strong, productive partnerships. As an educational administrator, I love that Kathryn's mission includes showing respect for the teachers and the administrations that work daily with our students. I love that Kathryn listens, engages, considers options carefully, and acts with the knowledge that she has consulted the community. We can't ask for a better leader for Washington County than Kathryn, and I hope you'll support her with your vote.

Diane Doctor

Garden Home

Jason Snider is

best for Tigard

Tigard is rapidly changing, along with the rest of the world. It is because of these changes, and the need for strong and experienced leadership at the local level, that I feel compelled to write a letter supporting Jason Snider's candidacy for Tigard mayor.

I have known Jason for about three years. He is a dynamic and energetic leader, connecting resources and people to accomplish clear goals. His care and concern for Tigard's future has been demonstrated through his volunteer efforts on city committees and with the Tigard police well before he became a councilor.

I've had the opportunity to work with him as a volunteer on Tigard's Budget Committee. He is well versed in Tigard's unique culture, and his ability to listen to issues and present multiple

solutions has always impressed me.

My point is that Tigard needs to get out and vote in the coming election, and I wholeheartedly urge you to vote for Jason Snider for mayor.

Timothy Cadman


Educator backs

Harrington for county

Kathryn Harrington is the clear choice for the chair position at the county Board of Commissioners. Kathryn has shown over and over that she understands the challenges working families face. Whether you work in the tech industry, run a family farm or teach local students, Kathryn has spent more than a decade fighting for you and the rest of our county.

I am an elementary school teacher in the Tigard-Tualatin school district, with two beautiful daughters. I have taught English as a second language, and have seen first-hand the challenges faced by people from other countries, people with low incomes, and students in difficult situations. We all have to pull together to find the best ways to serve and aid people experiencing difficulty in their lives. I've known Kathryn for over 25 years. She cares deeply about the quality of life for everyone. She knows how to get people to work together, and will help Washington County become a stronger source of support for our entire community, not just the parts that are already doing well.

I am excited to see what this county can do once Kathryn is elected.

Jeff Powers


Woodard would put

Tigard residents 1st

Marc Woodard would be an excellent mayor for the city of Tigard! He has integrity and proven leadership qualities, and would bring accountability to the city of Tigard. He has a rare, common sense, down-to-earth approach to city government and will stand up and fight for what he thinks is right for Tigard.

Marc Woodard wants to put "Tigard People First" and to insure the livability of Tigard Residents by working to keep them from being taxed out of their homes and businesses. As a past example, Marc is the only one on the Tigard City Council with a record for opposing the recent tax levy that was put to the voters in May. Looking toward the future, he is concerned that the southwest corridor light rail is not the right fit for Tigard residents who would bear the tax burden of this project, a project that would not improve congestion or align with downtown plans. As mayor of Tigard, Marc Woodard will look out for the best interest of the citizens of Tigard.

Vote for Marc Woodard who will put "Tigard People First."

Mary Briggs


Snider works well

with city residents

One of the most important things I've learned while serving on various volunteer boards/committees is how to listen to both sides of an issue and truly try to see all angles. Even when we don't agree, sometimes even passionately disagree, we always strive to let people be heard.

This has always been done in a respectful manner without condescension. This concept of listening and respectful banter seems to be lost lately, and that's exactly why I am urging you to support Jason Snider for mayor in the upcoming election.

I have had the opportunity to work with Jason while serving on Tigard's Budget Committee. His ability to keep a level head and stay focused on the task at hand will make him an excellent mayor. I believe anyone who has been at meetings Jason facilitates will agree he runs a great meeting. Everyone gets a voice, regardless of their status or position.

Jason's longtime experience with this community and knowledge of the issues make him the right choice for Tigard's next mayor.

Clifford Rone


Parrish is right on

education issues

My daughter isn't school-aged yet, but I'm paying attention to what's happening now, and voting for the candidate for state representative who has proven she'll put the needs of parents and families first. State Representative Julie Parrish has been an amazing advocate for the parents in this community. Who better than a busy mom with three kids to represent the parents of Tualatin?

Julie knows Oregon's education system is failing our kids and she believes parents should be better included in the solutions. She knows we need to fix public pension costs and reduce the skyrocketing cost of health care. Julie stood her ground when the Legislature cut voter-approved education funding and she rejected those budgets. She knows we need stable funding and more choices for our kids.

One of the issues that hits our family hard right now is the high cost of daycare. When the Legislature cut the daycare tax deduction for working families like mine, Julie opposed the bill. She knows we need every bit of financial help we can get to make ends meet.

As an independent voter, I'm voting to send the mom back to Salem. Julie Parrish has my vote.

Brittany Valli


Tigard needs Woodard

to remain affordable

Marc Woodard is the best choice for mayor.

I am a homeowner in Tigard, married with three children and we are a single-income family. We chose to live in Tigard and Washington County for several reasons, including affordable property taxes. I am voting for Marc Woodard because I want Tigard to maintain the same cost of living that brought us here.

A vote for anyone other than Marc Woodard is a risk for each of us, especially with the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project, and the costs that will bring. We don't want Tigard to become unaffordable and burdened with big spending projects that we will ultimately pay for through increased taxes. Marc has the strongest common sense message, focused on Tigard residents and our needs locally. I am voting to keep Tigard affordable and Marc Woodard has my vote because he is focused on local interests versus big interests.

Donald Stroum


Now is time to vote

Snider as mayor

Tigard's facing some tough issues and, despite the fact that it's what most people complain about, it's not just traffic congestion. We need to focus on bigger issues like economic development, public safety and smart growth; issues that are both complex and vexing.

Never in our community life will good judgment be more important than in the coming years. It is imperative to have an involved and intelligent mayor, council, and citizen base to face the challenges.

It is critical that the mayor be a person of integrity and empathy, and have the ability to mobilize, encourage and foster community engagement. We have a great pool of talent among us and this will be the best tool to address our challenges.

Jason Snider is a timely and wise choice for mayor.

During his tenure as a city councilor, Jason has shown the leadership, integrity and ability to bring people together that none of the other candidates have been able to achieve. I believe as our mayor he will mobilize the talent of Tigard's residents and help us share our skills and passions and again take ownership as we should.

Tom Murphy


Snider's views on

safety make him best

When I vote, the issue that matters the most to me is public safety. As a parent, I want to make sure our community is safe and that I don't have to worry about crime throughout my neighborhood. I'm voting for City Council President Jason Snider because he is the candidate I know will prioritize our public safety.

As a former volunteer police officer, he understands how critical investing in our police services is. Jason voted to retain our school resource officers, increase our neighborhood patrols, and keep an investigator to protect against elder abuse, drugs and human trafficking. Public safety is at the top of mind for Jason, which why he should be at the top of your list for Tigard mayor and get your vote.

There is a reason he is the only candidate supported by the Tigard Police Officer's Association — they know that Jason will support our neighbors in uniform and keep our community safe from crime. The TPOA said it best in their endorsement announcement: "Working with law enforcement, civic groups and community partners to prioritize public safety, the safety of schools, streets and neighborhoods — Jason Snider is the best choice for mayor of the city of Tigard."

I couldn't agree more, which is why I'm voting for Jason this November.

Melody Graeber


Harrington proves

she's best for job

I am an active participant in the work being done in Aloha to build a united community and determine our future identity. As past president of the Aloha Business Association and a member of CPO-6, I have had many opportunities to speak with and watch Kathryn Harrington doing her work of representing our community at various government sponsored events. Kathryn has demonstrated over and over again that she listens, and that she wants to work with ALL people to get results that benefit the majority. She excels at working with people to search for the solutions that work for our community. I know she will continue to work this way as chair of the Washington County commission. We need this approach from our leaders. Aloha's future will be in good hands if we elect Kathryn to help us continue to improve our community.

Karen Bolin


Snider right on issue

of SW Corridor

We can count on Jason Snider to serve Tigard's best interests in the Southwest Corridor.

Far too many of us struggle to get where we need to go to take care of our families, attend work or school, or just enjoy a night out throughout the Southwest Corridor area. Whether you drive, bike or walk our roads, you know critical investments are needed to address Tigard's many traffic issues. But investments in transit may not happen without a knowledgeable mayor who understands the importance of all kinds of transportation to our community. Council President Snider's willingness to advocate for transit investment makes him a valuable voice for all of Tigard.

We need a savvy negotiator who will fight for a balanced approach to address our transportation needs.

Ask yourself if you really want to be stuck in the slow lane, when we could have a mayor who will keep us moving. In my opinion, Jason Snider is the only mayoral candidate ready and willing to do what needs to be done for the whole community, which is why I'm voting for Jason Snider for Tigard Mayor.

Carine Arendes


Harrington best bet

to lead county

The next chair for the Washington County Board of Commissioners will shape the future of Washington County. It's never been more important to have a leader who will lead with our values and work with others to move every person in our community forward.

It's political tactics like Bob Terry's that are cheapening our election process. I'm sick of it.

Our families, small businesses, local farms and communities deserve a leader who will rise above politics as usual and put the focus back on the needs of Washington County. There's only one candidate for the race for county chair who's putting those values in action: Kathryn Harrington.

I have known and worked with Kathryn Harrington for 15 years. She is focused on finding solutions to keep local families from being priced out of their communities, strengthening support for local business and family farms alike, and building stronger opportunities in Washington County for every person.

That's why I'm voting for Kathryn Harrington for county chair this November and I hope you will join me.

Martha Moyer


Woodard best on

parks, recreation

I had the pleasure of working with Marc (Woodard) on the Tigard Park and Recreation Advisory Board for four years. Marc was the council liaison to the PRAB from 2011-15 and he was knowledgeable, collaborative and passionate about the need and benefits for recreation and parks in Tigard. It's not coincidental that near the end of Marc's tenure as the Council PRAB liaison, we hired a recreation manager; the first time we've had a rec manager in five-plus years.

Marc not only shared his knowledge and passion for Tigard parks and rec during his tenure with PRAB, but he inspired our PRAB members to do the same. Please join me in voting for Marc Woodard for Tigard's new mayor — he genuinely cares about our city, our people and our parks and rec services.

Dave Brown


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