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Readers react to the storming of the U.S. Capitol, vandalism in Tigard and Oregon's vaccine program.

Police must uphold pledge to protect

I was saddened by the newspaper account of the violent encounter between two St. Helens police officers and Ashley Andrews. Occurrences like this undermine trust and foster resentments between the general public and law enforcement. I can't imagine a "rest of the story" that would justify police actions in this case.

Read our Dec. 25, 2020, story on prosecutors' decision not to file charges against a St. Helens police officer for striking a woman during an arrest.

Neither can I accept that the officers involved are representative of local law enforcement. I think back on my relatively recent contacts with law enforcement, and I saw genuine concern and a willingness to help. I felt fortunate to live where law enforcement is generally dedicated to being a positive part of the community.

In this world of distrust and upheaval, we all need to work together to keep things going in the right direction.

Rosemary Lohrke, Chapman

Mob actions in Tigard are unacceptable

Where was our mayor, Jason Snider, on Jan. 7 when Tigard was being attacked by militants? Or more specifically, what was he thinking, and why were our local police not allowed to defend their town and their headquarters?

I know, someone was shot by an officer that morning. [Ed.: Jacob Ryan Macduff was shot and killed by Tigard police on the night of Jan. 6.] Does that mean everybody needs to roll over and play dead when the antifa rent-a-mob comes to town?

Read our Jan. 8, 2021, coverage of the march and vandalism in downtown Tigard.

It's far too early to know what fault or blame may be attached to the officer. Was his life being threatened? Was a less deadly option available? If discipline is called for, is it being appropriately administered? Until we have answers to those questions, mob violence is simply that — mob violence, to be resisted and discouraged. If there were any arrests, I have yet to hear about them.

This isn't Portland, not even Multnomah County. Why are we putting up with this?

Gary A. Hughes, Tigard

Oregon's vaccine rollout is a failure

In any other state, we providers would have been contacted and probably vaccinated by now. So far, I have not been vaccinated while seeing patients every day at my Beaverton clinic, nor has any agency returned my calls or emails, including the Oregon Health Authority or the Oregon Medical Board.

Gov. Kate Brown is sitting on 72,000 Moderna vaccines, and we can't get the shot. According to national media, we are the bottom 10% of vaccinating.

I've practiced in Oregon over 45 years and can't get the vaccine.

Dr. Paul Blaylock, Portland

Thoughts during historic attack in D.C.

I wrote this Wednesday night after the Capitol was made safe:

I watch the rain from my window, the wet asphalt lit only by two lanes of headlights, looking like a moonlit sea. I watch exhaust from the cars curl in the dark air as I listen to the Senate speak on the floor that was, moments ago, occupied by a militia driven by a tyrant. And as I hear Chuck Schumer speak, and, yes, even Mitch McConnell, I have faith that we have not lost the republic for which we stand.

Kitty Comeau, Portland

Our leaders are abdicating their responsibilities

I am a veteran and a 37-year federal retiree.

I was horrified to see what happened at the U.S. Capitol. I was surprised by my own reaction. I cried like a baby.

The disgusting behavior of the insurgents was unacceptable, period. However, more disgusting and disturbing was what the U.S. president did to incite this riot that resulted in five people dead. All of the insurgents should be held to account, but the most important one to be held accountable, finally, is Donald Trump.

I'm disappointed that Vice President Mike Pence doesn't have the guts to do what is needed and remove him via the 25th Amendment. Even after his life was in peril, he refuses to do his job. Mr. Pence should know his highest responsibility is to the Constitution, not to that evil man in the White House.

All of the Republicans that have enabled this mania should also be held to account. Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz need to resign, as they continue to fan the flames of the crazy by perpetuating the big lie about the election. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's wife was so scared and horrified she resigned from the cabinet, instead of staying and doing her job and removing the madman. Pence should stand up and do what's right, and if not, McConnell needs to do his job.

I'm so tired of this insanity. These folks were hired to do a job, yet it seems they only want the title, not the actual responsibility of their oath. Our federal government may not be perfect, but this president isn't even working toward a more perfect union. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, Sen. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden need to use any influence they have to get him out ASAP and make sure he can never run again

Kristi Ritson, Hillsboro

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