REVIEW PHOTO: MATT SHERMAN - The Lake Oswego girls basketball team will try to extend its season tonight when it hosts the Sprague Olympians at 6:45 p.m.It's time.

Time for the biggest games, the ones that turn into memory makers and season breakers.

While some leagues are ready for their final round of regular-season play, the rest of the state moves into the Play-In Round today, where teams get the chance to right regular-season wrongs and turn tough seasons into something special.

For tonight's high school basketball games, the sports editors, reporters and photographers from Community Newspapers are heading out to see regular-season finales in the Northwest Oregon Conference, as well as Play-In games at the Class 6A, 4A, 2A and 1A levels.

And after we cover those games, we'll share them on the new Prep Basketball tab.

The Prep Basketball tab on our website — you can see it by hovering over the Sports tab at the top of this web page — will show you high school basketball stories and photos by sports editors, reporters and photographers from 19 newspapers within our company.

Besides all the stories already on the page, there will be more — much more — as we continue coverage of the 2016 season, including features on some of the state's best players, regular-season and playoff games for both boys and girls teams, and more.

As the 2015-16 season continues into the postseason, you can look for same-day coverage of each week's Friday night games from all our company's high school sports editors and reporters. As always, you’ll still be able to find stories about your local high school teams on the regular sports tab of your newspaper's website, but those stories — along with all the others created elsewhere within our company — will also appear on the new Prep Basketball tab.

Our goal here is to provide the best and most comprehensive high school basketball coverage in the state. And because we know that many high school basketball fans are interested in more than just coverage of their local team, this new tab will open the door for readers to see all the high school hoop stories and photos that we create every week.

This week, our slate of featured high school basketball games will include:

Class 5A Boys

Northwest Oregon Conference

No. 7 Parkrose (12-3 in NWOC play, 14-9 overall) at No. 1 Wilsonville (14-1 in NWOC play, 20-3 overall), 7:15 p.m.

Class 6A Girls

Play-In Round

No. 35 Sprague (5-11 in GVC play, 10-14 overall) at No. 27 Lake Oswego (5-11 in TRL play, 11-13 overall), 6:45 p.m.

Class 5A Girls

Northwest Oregon Conference

No. 11 Milwaukie (10-5 in NWOC play, 15-8 overall) at No. 14 Liberty (9-6 in NWOC play, 11-11 overall), 7:15 p.m.

Class 4A

Play-In Round

No. 23 McLoughlin (2-4 in GOL play, 13-11 overall) at Valley Catholic (7-3 in Cowapa play, 18-7 overall), 6 p.m.

No. 17 North Bend (6-4 in FWL play, 14-8 overall) at No. 16 Gladstone (8-2 in TVC play, 14-9 overall), 7 p.m.

Class 2A

State Playoffs First Round

No. 22 Irrigon (5-5 in CBC play, 11-12 overall) at No. 1 Kennedy (11-1 in TRC play, 21-4 overall), 6 p.m.

Class 1A

State Playoffs First Round

No. 23 Arlington (9-5 in BSL play, 19-10 overall) at No. 1 Country Christian (16-0 in Casco play, 23-2 overall), 7 p.m.

To see a complete listing of Friday night's boys games, visit the Oregon School Activities website.

To see a complete listing of Friday night's girls games, click here.

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