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Under long-standing protocol, both officers have been placed on paid leave.

PHOTO BY JAIME VALDEZ - An investigator examines the house where Beaverton Police this morning shot and killed an armed man, across the street from Beaver Acres Elementary School.The officers involved in Tuesday's standoff with an armed man in Beaverton have been identified.

The incident ended with the shooting death of Douglas Michael Smith, 51, of Beaverton. Douglas Michael Smith, in a Washington County jail booking photo from 2009.

Police involved in the shooting are Officer Jason Buelt, who has been with Beaverton Police for 17 years, and Officer Dan Cotton, who has been with Beaverton Police for nine years.

As with all officer-involved shooting, the incident is being investigated by the Washington County Major Crimes Team and both officers are on paid leave.

On Tuesday morning, Smith climbed onto the roof of a house opposite Beaver Acres Elementary School, acting erratically and waving a gun. He fired the gun into the roof and Beaverton Police shot and killed him.

It is not yet known if Buelt or Cotton, or both, hit Smith.

Smith was declared dead on the scene.

Beaver Acres and the nearby Merlo Station High School were in lockdown for much of Tuesday morning. No students were injured but, due to the proximity of the elementary school to the house, were in a potential danger zone.PHOTO BY JAIME VALDEZ - Life returned to normal at Beaver Acres Elementary School Tuesday following the nearby officer-involved shooting.

The incident at Smith's house, 2030 S.W. 170th Ave., began with a 7:37 a.m. call to police regarding a man with a handgun. Beaverton Police said 911 calls came in from passers-by who saw him on the roof.

Buelt and Cotton arrived and found Smith on the roof, holding a gun. They attempted to talk to him. Smith refused to speak with officers, pointed the gun toward them, and then fired one round into the house.

Beaverton Police have declined to say if anyone was in the house at the time the shot was fired.

Buelt and Cotton then fired and hit Smith. They entered the residence to get to Smith, who was still on the roof. They attempted to provide lifesaving efforts and called emergency medical services.

Smith was pronounced deceased by medical staff at the scene.

Past actions

This is a second officer-involved shooting for Cotton.

In 2015, several Beaverton officer responded to a call on Southwest Denney Road and encountered Michael T. Westrich. During a fight, Westrich shot Beaverton Police Officer Scott Burke, who was staged outside the residence.

Cotton, trained as an army field medic, directed fellow officers Michael Smith and Patrick Antoine to assist Burke. Cotton and Officer Ryan Potter provided cover fire at the front windows of the residence until the other officers were able to remove Burke for medical treatment. Burke was taken to an area hospital, treated and released later that day. He subsequently returned to duty.

Westrich later walked out the door onto his front porch holding a shotgun, pointed it at Cotton and fired two more rounds. Cotton, Potter and Officer Jeff Flory returned fire, killing Westrich.

Buelt also made the news in 2015 when he was honored by the city for saving the life of a man who'd had a heart attack. Buelt was off-duty at the time.

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