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CLUB FIT - FROM LEFT: Ron and Barb RainesOur taste buds are designed to keep us alive. These hard working little sensors tell us whether or not to swallow what's in our mouth, and keep us from eating anything poisonous.

However, the flavor we associate with poison is bitterness, which can keep us from eating and enjoying some pretty wonderful foods like kale. And that can hurt us as we try to get in shape for those upcoming spring break vacations.

But guess what? Our flavor preferences aren't set in stone! It turns out that our taste buds exfoliate themselves every 14-30 days, just like your skin does. Sounds gross, right? Well this "gross" development is really a blessing in disguise.

Why? Because you can retrain your taste buds very quickly and easily to start enjoying healthier, more nutritious foods! I recommend to my clients that they eliminate one bad food from their diets every 2-3 weeks. I tell them to start with sugar, which is one of the worst things for you and something your body learns to constantly crave.

By eliminating sugar for 3 weeks, your blood sugar will adjust and your taste buds will "forget" about how good sugar can taste. The result? You're likely to have a bad aftertaste in your mouth after eating sugar, and you may even get a headache.

By acknowledging your body's responses and accepting them, you'll be better able to stay on track with your diet and nutrition, and I guarantee you'll start losing weight.

Club Fit

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