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CLUB FIT - FROM LEFT: Ron and Barb RainesSometimes, the last thing you want to do on a nice spring day is drive to the gym. So why not take your workout outside?

Outdoor workouts, when part of a cross training regimen that includes resistance training at Club Fit, offer many great benefits that will help your fitness program become more well-rounded. Here are three exciting ways that exercising outdoors can benefit you:

1.) Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable—Exercising outdoors means putting your body in a constantly changing environment. By teaching your body how to adapt, you can help prevent overuse injuries from repeated patterns while strengthening some of your connective tissues.

2.) Connect with your Community—Using your local park, running on a nearby trail, even walking around your neighborhood can all help you meet your neighbors and enhance your real-life social networks.

3.) Be Revitalized—According to a 2011 American Chemical Society study, exercising outdoors has been found to increase energy, positive engagement, and overall outlook, while simultaneously decreasing negative emotions such as anger and depression. Not only will exercising outdoors help you physically, you will also see many mental benefits as well!

If you hit the gym hard all week, exercising outdoors is the perfect way to turn you into a weekend warrior too. The next time it's a gorgeous day outside and the gym sounds just a LITTLE too gloomy for you, take your workout outside instead, and see what benefits it provides you!

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