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CANBY BUILDERS SUPPLY - Carolyn VanLooAs the sunshine emerges from its slumber, so too do the weeds. It sure seems like those weeds have been growing through all of our bad weather, because when the warmth of spring hits, the weeds come out to play all over. Your flower beds look like they are about to be invaded, the weeds start to litter your lawn, even the cracks in your walkways, patios, and driveways aren't safe.

Before those weeds take over, get rid of them with Spectracide. For flower beds, patios, and walk/driveways there's Spectracide Weed and Grass Killer. It's fast—you'll notice visible results from the concentrate in just three hours, 4 times faster than RoundUp.

Spectracide is also rainproof; while RoundUp needs 30 minutes to take effect, Spectracide needs to stay dry only 10 minutes to get the job done. Best of all, there's no need to wait up to three days to replant like with RoundUp. Spectracide-treated flower beds can be replanted after just one day!

If you're dealing with tough lawn weeds and crabgrass, Spectracide's WeedStop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Killer stops them dead in their tracks. This powerful product kills over 250 types of weeds, even nutgrass and clover, and it won't harm lawns when used as directed.

Besides getting rid of those pesky weeds, these Spectracide helpers won't hurt the bees. And they're all available now at Canby Builders Supply, along with friendly, expert advice.

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