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Step 1: Remain calm, lift the lips and examine area, take photo with phone

Step 2: Go to the urgent care or hospital with severe injuries, this includes: head, eye, limbs, or airway issues. Dr. Alan Neal.

Step 3: Call your dentist ASAP—we'll walk you through it. Some tooth or bone injuries require treatment within one hour of occurrence.


* Knocked out tooth - Place tooth in milk and bring to appointment. Do not touch the root or try to clean it.

* Tooth broke in half - Place broken fragment in milk, bring it to dental office. Bite on clean towel.

* Tooth has been moved out of position - Place gauze or clean towel in mouth to help with comfort. Call dental office.

* Tooth is very loose after injury - Place gauze or clean towel to help with comfort. Call dental office.

* Bleeding from mouth - Call the dental office for an appointment.

* ToothSaver - A small cup usually kept with sports coaches, EMTs, ERs, and/or urgent cares. Contains Hank's Balanced Solution made for organ transplants—it stops the clock.

* Is it a baby tooth? Adult tooth? - Baby teeth tend to be whiter than adult teeth. When in doubt place in milk, show to dentist.

The Golden Hour: most teeth injuries need to be seen within hour to save of tooth.

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