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Brought to you by Alicia Faist, Jeff Corcoran and Jan Fleming - Canby Builders Supply - REMODELING EXPERTS

It's time---you've been waiting for this a long time.

You're going to remodel and get the dream kitchen you've always wanted!

But, where to start---with your style, of course. This is your kitchen. It should fit you and your family's life style and personality. But figuring out which styles go perfectly together can be a frustrating process without a little guidance.

No matter your style—modern, traditional, Shaker, Farmhouse— all the elements need to work together. If they don't, you'll end up with a busy mish mash and a confusing, uncomfortable kitchen.Jan Fleming.Jeff Corcoran.Alicia Faust.

That's where the design Experts at Canby Building Supply can guide you. They are up-to-date on the latest trends and products available. The Experts can guide you to the right cabinets, knobs and pulls, counter tops, faucets, lighting fixtures, windows, sinks and even the paint that will pull YOUR new kitchen together. And, at a price that fits your budget.

And to make it even better, you can buy everything you

need at Canby Builders Supply.

If you're ready for a GREAT remodel experience, then head

to Canby Builders Supply today!

Canby Builders Supply

102 S. Pine St

Canby, OR 97013


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