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GUSTAFSON INSURANCE - Terri GesikAre you considering starting a new business or getting one up and running? If so, protecting both your personal assets and business from potential losses is critical, even if you operate a small home business.

Here are several types of insurance that deserve a look:

General Liability -- General liability can provide broad coverage in an array of situations. These may include someone getting injured at your business location or damage resulting from the use of your product or service.

Professional Liability -- Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance; helps with negligence claims related to professional performance. Therapists, doctors, attorneys, and more are required to carry a professional liability policy.

Business Interruption -- If a disaster causes an interruption of business operations, this type of insurance may help out. Coverage can include the revenue you could have earned, as well as bills like electricity that continue.

Commercial Property -- This insurance option may be useful for commercial locations, as well as computer equipment, documents, and money. It helps protect against loss or damage due to events like vandalism, severe weather and fire.

Workers' Compensation -- If an employee is injured or dies as the result of his work, workers' compensation may be beneficial. Situations that may lead to workers' compensation can range from slip-and-fall injuries to medical conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Key Person -- This type of insurance helps protect a business from potential financial losses if crucial personnel die or are unable to work for an extended period. The term "key persons" may include individuals like a founder or CEO.

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