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May * Mother's Day * Mentoring * Motivator * Moving

How do these words work together?

The most important day to celebrate Mom falls in the month of May----Mother's Day! Ron and Barb Raines.

We all know how important the Mom in our life is, she has a majorly important job of being motivator and mentor to her family.

She is tricky at mentoring and motivating her children into the world of fitness.

While she is doing so many fun things with them, like playing ball, Frisbee, hiking, swimming and even walking the dog, they won't even know they are learning the most important habits of staying active in that you have to get the body moving!

Plus, Mom is doing her family a favor by staying healthy herself. We need our Mom's.

Plan some activities to get moving with Mom to celebrate this Mother's Day. Don't just go to dinner, RIDE your bikes to dinner!

Club Fit has lots of options to keep Mom's moving and healthy. Would she like a membership or training sessions instead of flowers this Mother's Day?

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