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CLUB FIT - Ron and Barb RainesSummer is almost upon us, and with the kids home, vacations planned, and HOT, HUMID weather abound, summer can be one of the most difficult times for staying committed to your fitness goals. This summer, we challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and BE CREATIVE with your workouts!

One of the easiest ways to exercise is by playing with your kids. Throw a ball around, play some backyard soccer, get into a spirited game of tag, even hula hoop to burn calories and work your core muscles.

HIKING is another great outdoor activity to help tone your body (particularly your legs) and give you an effective cardiovascular workout. Look for a nearby trail and bring plenty of water, a snack, and sunscreen and enjoy the incredible views while you get your workout in!

If you own a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, a little competition can go a long way. Try to set a new record for steps each day, and compete with friends to see who can take the most steps.

When the weather gets warm, a little POOL TIME is just what you need to cool down and get a total body workout in. Do a couple laps, race your kids, and tread water for a fun and quick workout.

And if you're ready to feel like a kid again, take a bike ride around the neighborhood, or head to a local park and enjoy the calming natural scenery. No matter what you do, get creative and FUN with your exercise this summer!

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