Brought to you by Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER - These small tricks will save you hundreds of calories

CLUB FIT - Ron and Barb RainesSummer BBQ's are GREAT! Time with family and friends and great food but it can also make sticking to your nutrition and fitness goals a challenge. So…how do you survive the 4th of JULY!

HYDRATE—Be sure to drink plenty of water this will keep your body from overheating and keep the metabolism ticking. Avoid beverages that contain caffeine, sugar & be careful before you drink alcohol which can pack on the calories and cause dehydration quickly.

Play Some Lawn Games—Whether it's croquet, badminton, corn hole, or a patriotic scavenger hunt, lawn games and other fun activities like these will get the blood moving and encourage everyone both old and young to keep active, move and willing or not "FIT"!

Bring Healthy Foods—If you're hosting or going to a pot luck provide as many healthy foods as possible. Fruits like watermelon, apples, salads, vegetables like broccoli and carrots with light dressing and other similar foods will help keep the calorie count down. Skip simple carbs like chips, crackers, and desserts and only allow yourself one trip thru the buffet, portion control is one of the biggest tricks to keeping the pound of potato salad off your hips!

These small tricks can save you hundreds of calories as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Follow these tips, and your Fourth of July will be as memorable as possible without sacrificing your health or your good time!

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