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NEAL FAMILY DENTAL - Dr. Alan NealWhether you're putting on the pads or lacing up your sneakers, you always make sure to put on the essentials before participating in your favorite sport or activity. But one essential item too often gets overlooked? A custom mouth guard.

While mouth guards are mandatory in contact sports like football, hockey, and boxing, there are many incidental contact sports and activities, such as basketball and volleyball, which do not mandate participants wear a mouth guard. And that can lead to serious injuries and costly dental repair, whether you're on the court, in the field, on the rink, or in the ring.

Any sport or activity that presents the chance of contact can potentially lead to injuries to the teeth, jaws, and oral soft tissue. A custom mouthguard, which covers the upper teeth with a soft, flexible material, decreases the chances of the lower jaw jamming into the upper jaw or being pushed back. This helps prevent serious injuries such as broken teeth, jaw fractures, and neck injuries, as well as less serious injuries such as lacerations and bruising of the lips and cheeks.

If you've ever experienced an oral injury, you know just how painful (and costly!) mouth injuries can be. But sports create some of our greatest memories, and that's why it's important to take preventative measures at all times. Wear essential protection, including a custom mouth guard, and call Neal Family Dental at (503) 266-2705 for tips on how to best protect your mouth, face, head, and neck. We offer free custom sports mouth guards to any patient of record under the age of 18.

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