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CLUB FIT - Ron and Barb RainesThe start of the school year is a great time to tackle bad habits and create good ones. When we get busy, home cooking and meal prepping are usually the first things to fall by the wayside. It's NOT easy to stay motivated to pack a lunch—if it was, everyone would do it!

Packing a lunch for you and your kids has TONS of incredible benefits for your family.

First, packed lunches are always cheaper than eating out! So save your wallet, and save you and your children's bodies from the unsightly effects of greasy fast food.

Packed lunches also give you greater control over your health goals, allowing you to create healthy, balanced meals. BALANCE doesn't have to mean BLAND—there are many creative ways to keep your taste buds interested and remember it takes two weeks for your buds to get on board!

One of the easiest ways to pack a lunch is to make dinnertime work for lunch too. The allure of a boring and tasteless sandwich is no match for the prospects of a well-done stir fry or an amazing spaghetti recipe. Throw your leftovers into a plastic container after dinner, or prepare a few servings of a lunch favorite like soup on Sunday, and you'll have weekday lunches ready in a jiffy!

Most importantly, take cues from your kids! Whether it's a certain fruit, a great salad blend, or a tantalizing snack, make sure to include something your kids LOVE in every lunch. They're the best part of your life, so give them the best lunch you can, and remember…EXERCISE!

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