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Brought to you by Jeff Feller - Canby Ford - AUTOMOTIVE INSIDER - At home fixes!

CANBY FORD - Jeff FellerHave you ever gone shopping, only to walk out of the store and see a small scratch on the side of your car? Maybe your headlights aren't looking as bright and clear as the used to. These are just a few of the small problems that can accumulate on your car.

Fortunately, there are a number of great at-home remedies for many cosmetic flaws. Check out Canby Ford's 3 quick auto-body fixes:

Scratches—If there's a scratch in your paint job, run your fingernail across the scratch and see if it catches. If it doesn't, there are a number of scratch repair kits available to buff the scratch out. If the scratch is to your plastic interior, there are plastic scratch kits available as well. If ANY scratch is deep, bring your vehicle in to our Service Center to have it examined.

Cloudy Headlights—If your headlights are a little hazy, you won't believe what can help—toothpaste! Apply regular toothpaste to a clean rag, then rub, scrub, and rinse your headlight covers to give your headlights some clarity.

Cracked Side Mirrors—Make sure to have a pair of safety goggles and work gloves for this job. Strip the broken glass off of the mirror mount, wash and dry the mount with soap and water, and then apply new mirror adhesive and carefully place the new glass. If you have heated mirrors, or the casing is damaged, then head to our Service Center for a little help with this job.

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