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GUSTAFSON INSURANCE - Terri GesikWhether we're paying bills or ordering food, many of us have a daily reliance on the internet. Since October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have some tips to make your online transactions more secure.

The Pew Research Center reports that 64 percent of Americans have experienced some kind of data breach. Be it credit card fraud and compromised accounts or social media and email hacks, the majority of us are no strangers to the need for cybersecurity.

In our hyperconnected society, your personal information is under constant threat. Safeguard your accounts by:

  • Being cautious when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. Make sure to log in to sensitive accounts like your financial institutions at home or using a personal hotspot to keep your sensitive information safe.
  • Keeping up with security software updates. Defending against malware and viruses is a huge part of avoiding a breach. Your mobile phone, web browsers and even apps are susceptible to foul play without an up-to-date antivirus or spyware.
  • Creating secure passwords Each account should have a different password that is a unique combination of numbers and letters. Passwords should also be at least eight characters long without repeating. Curious how your passwords would fare against an attack? Check the strength of your passwords here.
  • Watching out for phishing attempts. Phony emails or calls that appear as though they're from your institution are sneaky ways crooks attempt to solicit personal information. Always carefully assess communications.
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