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JEFF FELLER - Canby FordEver had a driver cut you off? Of course you have! You're running late, just trying to head in to work, when all of a sudden a red sports car speeds right in front of you before immediately breaking. It's an incredibly aggravating situation, and the stress is the last thing you need before you get where you're going.

So how do you transform your drive? Follow these three simple steps:

  • BREATHE—Whether you're in the roomy Ford Fusion or a spacious Ford Explorer, take a minute to peacefully breathe in and out. You will lessen your stress and make the space around you seem even bigger.
  • Know where you're going—Remember, you have places to go, people to see, and things to do. Take advantage of Ford's SYNC 3 Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System to help you navigate the chaos on the road. Let go of the delays and get where you're going in your new Ford Taurus.
  • Give yourself a boost—Stress is incredibly draining. If you're traveling in the fuel-efficient Ford Fiesta, it may not need to fuel up, but you may need to! Ford's SYNC 3 technology includes Apple CarPlay compatibility, so you can find the perfect music or audiobook to relax, soothe, and take your mind off of the stress of commuting.
  • Ford vehicles are designed to make driving less stressful than ever. Visit us at Canby Ford today to see what a new Ford vehicle can do for you.

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