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CANBY BUILDERS SUPPLY - Steve VohsWhat a lovely summer we've had. Nice weather brought an outstanding growing season where gardens, flower, trees and lawns flourished. Now fall is upon us and all that lovely foliage is dying back, falling from the trees and yards are in need of some cleanup before winter strikes.

Fall clean up "must do's" include:

Clean out gutters and down spouts–A leaf blower attachment or pressure washer gutter cleaner attachment makes quick work of a nasty job. Think ahead to next year and install gutter guards and gutter strainers to keep leaves out of gutters and down spouts.

Get leafs off your lawn––Leaves on the lawn can cause it to wither or even die. Remove leaves before any damage is done. Rake or blow them into piles then load into biodegradable bags for easy disposal. Also, there are all kinds of nifty new tools to make the job easier. For example,

large plastic leaf scoops that you wear on your hands like mittens let you pick up piles of leaves instead of small handfuls.

Trim dead limbs off bushes and trees––Dead limbs and branches can cause problems when freezing and windy weather hits. Use a pole saw or pole pruner to trim branches away from your roof or other structures and avoid bigger problems later.

All of your fall cleanup tasks will be easier and faster with the right tools and supplies. Canby Builders Supply has a wide selection of products to take care of your home and yard. Plus, they have the experts to answer your questions and guide you to the right products for the job.

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