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Brought to you by Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER - Corporate wellness and its benefits

CLUB FIT - Ron and Barb RainesThe best companies take care of their employees. And one of the best resources for treating your employees well is through a corporate wellness program. There are countless benefits to a corporate wellness program, but these are three of the most important:

  • Healthier Employees—Not only will this lower your healthcare costs, but your employees will have a more health-conscious attitude that positively influences everyone around them.
  • Increased Productivity—If your employees are sick and missing work, your company's productivity will suffer. Proper nutrition and exercise will increase employee focus, energy, and performance.
  • Improved Morale—Let's be honest, work can get a little repetitive sometimes. But a corporate wellness program can help mix things up, whether it's through a Club Fit class or even a pedometer competition at work.
  • Here at Club Fit, we have a number of great corporate members who provide this great benefit to their employees, and we want to take a minute to thank them. Here are our great corporate clients who bring the gift of fitness to their employees: American Steel, Army Recruiting, Canby Excavating, Canby School District, Canby Ford, DirectLink, Hawksoft, Johnson Controls, North Lake Therapy, Oliver Insurance, Oregon Custom Cabinets, OBC Northwest, Perman Family Dentistry, Pioneer Pump, Cutsfoth's Thriftway, Canby Fire District, and the City of Canby.

    These companies really care about their employees, and Club Fit is thrilled to help their employees live a health-conscious lifestyle. If you're interested in a corporate wellness program for your employees, contact Club Fit today!

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