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Brought to you by Jeffrey Feller, President - Canby Ford - AUTOMOTIVE INSIDER -

JEFF FELLER - Canby FordBRRRR! The chill of winter is here, and if this winter is anything like Oregon's last, Oregonians need to be more prepared than ever to help both themselves and their vehicles survive unscathed. Follow our simple vehicle winterization tips to safeguard your vehicle from the dangers of winter weather:

Have your battery checked—The cold temperatures of winter put extra strain on your battery every time you start your car. Bring your vehicle into our service shop to see if your battery is ready for winter, or if it's time for a replacement.

Switch to winter tires—Even if you have four-wheel drive, there's no substitute for the increased traction of winter tires. Greatly reduce your chances of an accident by installing winter tires now.

Install winter wipers—No longer do you have only rain to worry about, there our winter foe SNOW to deal with now. Winter blades are designed for heavy snowfall, so you'll be able to see better and drive safer in inclement weather.

Visit our service center—Switch to a thinner, less viscous oil for winter, have your engine's fluids topped off, and make sure the rest of your vehicle is good to go!

Put together an emergency kit—Gather up bottled water, energy bars, first aid supplies, gloves, road flares, and a flashlight so that if trouble strikes, you're prepared to weather the storm.

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