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CLUB FIT - Ron and Barb RainesNew Year's Day is almost here, are you ready? Last month we showed you how to stay on track through the holidays; how did you do? Even with the best of intentions, sticking to a fitness routine is HARD. So why do some people fail with their plan to get in shape, while others succeed? Here are our top 5 reasons why some people fail while others succeed:

Why do some fail?

  • They make excuses to avoid working out
  • They don't have the knowledge to set realistic goals
  • They lack commitment to their goals
  • They're unwilling to invest in professional training (this is perhaps the most important step to take)
  • They become discouraged at the time it takes to see results
  • Why do some succeed?

  • They are a little selfish with their time and make sure to get their workout done
  • They invest not only in a fitness location, but in EDUCATION
  • They hire a personal trainer to help plan & achieve their goals
  • They adjust their schedule and gradually build up their fitness routine
  • They take the time to get comfortable with their routine and don't give up too soon
  • If you want to succeed at improving your health and fitness, it takes time, investment, and a little bit of help along the way. Let Club Fit's great personal trainer's help you get back on track to accomplishing your fitness goals. Visit us today and find out yourself what a successful fitness routine can do for you and your health!

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