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Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit It's New Year, the time for resolutions and getting started again with the fitness program that may have gone astray! We try to educate our new members and existing members alike that getting in shape and losing weight is not to expect overnight results. Think about how long it may have taken you to get out of shape or to gain 10-20 pounds…it's going to take the same time to reverse.

There are many fun and interesting ways to get started and we always recommend at least a small package of personal training. For as little as $195 you can meet with a trainer 5 times and be ensured of getting the education and knowledge you need to go the distance. So consider some of these options:

Personal training, one on one with a trainer specifically working to meet your goals head on.

Small Group Training, 2-6 of your friends or others of like fitness levels working together with a trainer for an overall goal and fitness and you'll get great discounts with this program.

Large Group Training, just attend when it works for your schedule and enjoy 30+ classes a month for as little as $45 monthly.

Contact our fitness manager Dana Sahlin for a consultation and get started today. Every day you wait is another day to get there!

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